Etsy Monday

I’ve been doing a fair amount of business at my Etsy store lately, which is good (and I am incredibly grateful to my fabulous readers who have been purchasing things from me, especially my repeat customers), though I still am working on saving towards a deposit on my own place… and hence it’s time for Etsy self-promotion.  (Which I would do anyway even if I didn’t have major expenditures coming up, because I make awesome shiny things, and pagans like shiny things.)

The items available in this “garage sale” post are still available, as well as crystals and jewelry items in this post.  In addition to all of that, there’s a lot more at my shop, and here are a few items that I like and would love to see go to people who appreciate them:

Rainbow Moon: Iridescent lampwork beads, rainbow iris beads, and faceted glass crystal make up this whimsical bracelet. It is approximately 8 inches, strung on elastic.  $12.






Labyrinth Bracelet: Brown lampwork beads with a labyrinth pattern, flanked by turquoise, with golden glass seed bead spacers. A bold statement piece, stylish. Bracelet measures approximately 8 inches on a sturdy elastic.  $12.




CLEARANCE: Fox Bracelet – Delightful ceramic fox on carnelian and goldstone. Circumference is approximately 8 1/2 inches strung on sturdy elastic.  Asking $6.






Emerald Garden Bracelet: Gold-lined iridescent green shell, genuine faceted emeralds, and bronze flowers. Bracelet measures approximately 8 1/2 inches on a strong elastic. Please allow for some minor variation in the pattern of the gold lining on the shells as I have more than one of these available. $12.



Amethyst Garden Bracelet: Gold-lined iridescent purple shell, bronze flowers, and amethysts. Bracelet measures approximately 8 1/2 inches on a strong elastic. Please allow for some minor variation in the pattern of gold lining on the shell as I have more than one of these available. These are even prettier in person! $12.




Moon and the Sea: Rainbow moonstone, iridescent gold-lined blue shell, and lapis lazuli, with iridescent white glass spacers, strung on monofilament. Barrel clasp. Bracelet is approximately 8 1/2 inches circumference. $12.




Violet Moon Bracelet: Amethyst (both purple and almost-clear), rainbow moonstone, and iridescent glass spacers, strung on sturdy monofilament with a barrel clasp. Bracelet measures approximately 8 inches. $13.






Mystic Moon: Silver-lined iridescent white shell and iridescent glass spacers. Approximately 8 inches circumference on a strong elastic.





Snakeskin Quartz Pendant: Sky blue snakeskin quartz pendant in a teardrop shape, 44 mm, sterling silver.  $12.  (Was tempted to keep this piece for myself because Serpent tribe, but no, it feels like it’s meant to go to someone else.)






Solar Quartz 1: A beautiful multicolored solar quartz pendant, 46 mm, sterling silver.  $15.






Solar Quartz II: Multicolored solar quartz rosette pendant set in sterling silver. 40mm.  $15.






Solar Quartz + Peridot Pendant: 68mm sterling silver pendant set with multicolor solar quartz and peridot. $18.








Fleur: A beautiful honey-brown quartz carved with a six-petal flower, set in 925 sterling silver. Pendant is 45 mm.  This is yet another piece I’d keep for myself if I didn’t need money, I’d love to see it find a good home!  Going on clearance for $12, was originally $18.  Even prettier in-person than in the pictures.





These and more are available at my Etsy shop, wherein I also offer rune and Tarot readings, and the PDF of my book, Visions of Vanaheim.  (The paperback of said book is available on CreateSpace and  Thanks for your support!




A sense of wonder

My latest post to Staff of Asclepius at Patheos, A sense of wonder, is up. Enjoy.


One of the most frequent offerings I make is incense, because it’s cost-effective, and also pleasing (and the smoke can carry prayers, good thoughts and feelings, etc), and it just feels… sacred.  When I first started using incense in a pagan/magical context it was originally more to set ambiance, and then later for magical purposes (e.g. dragon’s blood for purification or protection workings), but I’ve found that different entities like it, and just like I have BPAL associations with certain entities, I’ve found the different entities I deal with have preferences of scent re: incense and candles.

I recently had to order more shipping supplies for my Etsy business, and in order to qualify for free shipping (this was via Amazon, and no I do not have Prime membership, I cannot afford Prime) I had to throw on an extra something-or-other with my order, so I decided to get a box of Morningstar brand incense, which is Japanese incense.  $7 for a box of 200 sticks is not bad at all, especially contrasted with how much extra I would have paid for shipping otherwise.

I got a box of the rose scented Morningstar incense for D awhile back (which as an aside one customer reviewed with “this smells like the inside of a Catholic church”, and it indeed brings back memories of my Catholic childhood… and this amuses D in a kind of perverse way, he rather enjoys the fact that I got kicked out of Catholic school as a kid).  If you’re thinking “why would spoopy demon go for rose scented”, beyond the fact that D is a bit flamboyant (which is like saying Andrew WK sort of likes partying), it doesn’t really smell traditionally floral.  The Morningstar rose incense is a lot more subtle and really doesn’t smell like what I’d consider rose-scented (my standard of “actually rose-scented” is BPAL’s rose oils).  There’s a hint of floral but it’s not the top notes, it’s more like “sandalwood + …”; D likes it a lot.

The last working I did with Asmodai, the rose was what I had on hand (it was the sort of thing where the working had to be done in a timely manner) so he got a stick of that, and while it was acceptable, he did let it be known that he’d like me to get incense specifically for him (in part because he doesn’t want to share D’s incense :P).

After reading reviews I decided to get a box of the cedarwood (I’d considered either cedarwood or amber, and went with cedarwood).  It came over the weekend, and I could smell it right through the packaging, a little.  I took it out of its package and opened the box to get my first direct whiff, and it was like HOLY GODDAMN THAT’S FOR ASMODAI.  So I put the entire damn box on his altar, that’s strictly for him.  It smells like Asmodai, for lack of a better way of putting it.  It smells like a temple.

I have pretty much been ruined on other types of incense, by the Morningstar incense.  I previously was burning Indian incense which is a lot stronger.  The Morningstar incense is a bit more subtle (though I still have to put a blanket down in front of my door or the fragrance fills the entire house), and less perfumey.  I can see why a lot of dojos use it for meditation work, because it does create a very meditative, calming atmosphere.

The incense is also different than what I’m used to because it needs to be in a holder where it’s upright.  There is a little tile holder that comes with boxes of Morningstar incense but speaking from experience you need to put it on something or ash falls.  I eventually want to get a proper burner (both for D’s space and for Asmodai’s space), but in the meantime I use the tile and place it on something to collect the ash.

But anyway… so Asmodai has his own box of incense now.  At some point I want to get a box of the Morningstar specifically for Vanic workings, where I will most likely be getting the amber.  But that’s not a priority right now (I’m trying to avoid as many expenditures as I possibly can because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m saving up for an apartment deposit).

(Also it amuses me that I’m giving Morningstar incense to demons.  Hai Lucifer.  :P)

Some stuff on my Etsy store

So as I mentioned on Wednesday, I’m having a “garage sale” to pare down my stuff and help fund an apartment deposit, and you can help by seeing if there’s anything you like!  The post of some of the items is here and has been updated to reflect what’s still available (I sold a few of the items in the post).  I’m really surprised nobody’s hopped on the BPAL imps yet, especially considering BPAL imps go for $7 a pop and I’m offering the set of three for $12.  (Even if you don’t like those particular fragrances, you might find them useful for trading with others, as I know a lot of BPAL lovers trade imps and so on.)

In addition to the items in that post, I am also parting with a set of two flower candle holders, an evil eye charm, a piece of purple fluorite, and a set of three green calcite stones.

I sell a mixed assortment of things on Etsy.  For example, I have crystal points:

Golden Aura Quartz points, $3 each.






Violet Flame Aura Quartz points, $3 each.







Rainbow Aura Quartz points, $3 each.






LARGE Rainbow Aura Quartz Points, $7 each.  I only have two left of these and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so get them while you can!




Please note that all these crystal points are top-drilled which makes them suitable for beading projects, however the holes are not really that noticeable on most of them (I’ve had to hunt for them while doing projects) so it’s not unsightly if you have it on an altar or are using it for magic, energy work, etc.


In addition to crystals and odds and ends I have some handmade jewelry items that I am particularly proud of and would love to see find good homes who appreciate their beauty the way I do:

Fire Jewel: An utterly dazzling necklace of butterscotch and honey Baltic amber, with veined golden quartz and shimmering sunstone. A necklace inspired by Freyja, and worthy of a goddess. The necklace measures approximately 24″, is strung on nice strong but lightweight monofilament, and is on a large goldtone lobster claw clasp for ease of putting on and taking off. I can provide a 3″ chain extender at no extra cost if you would like one, please make a request with your order. :-)  I’m asking $40 for this piece, though its market value is closer to $200.


Green Nebula Bracelet: This is my current favorite item, yet another “I’d keep this if I don’t need the money” and the pictures with the Etsy listing really do NOT do it justice.  Lampwork and dark green sparkly sun sitara; approximately 8″ on a sturdy elastic.  $25.



THESE are still around and I’m so surprised nobody’s bought one considering I’ve gotten a lot of admirers and have put them on clearance.

Celtic Storm Bracelet: Labradorite, pewter knotwork beads, and iridescent glass seed bead spacers.  Approximately 8″ on a sturdy elastic.  $20.





Celtic Moon Bracelet: Iridescent shimmering clear-white lampwork beads with pewter knotwork beads. 8″ on elastic, asking $15 for this.






Celtic Forest Bracelet: Genuine faceted emerald and green lepidolite with pewter knotwork beads and glass spacers. 8″ on elastic.  $20.






Celtic Fire Bracelet: Gorgeous etched red acrylic beads and knotwork pewter beads with glass spacers. 8″ on elastic. $12.






Here’s some newer pieces that I’m fond of:

Summer’s End Bracelet, $12.





Eternal Sunshine Bracelet, $12.  Golden quartz (beautifully veined) with rainbow-iridescent golden glass seed beads.





Gentle Breeze Bracelet: Rainbow moonstone, peach pearl, and faceted pale blue crystals with iridescent glass spacers.  I think this piece is exquisite, another piece I’d so keep myself if I didn’t need the money.  $15. ETA: This item has sold!



Aquamarine bracelet, $18.  This is on clearance.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW ANYONE HAS NOT BOUGHT THIS YET.  LOOK AT THE SHINY.





This is a piece I’m particularly fond of, it was a lot of hard, hard work, and I’m really hoping someone will appreciate it and pick it up:

Warrior Queen Necklace.  The ægishjálmur – “Helm of Awe” – is an Icelandic bindrune to strike fear in the hearts of one’s enemies and protect against abuse of power; it is regarded as a symbol of protection, and courage. It is the seal of the Queen of Vanaheim. This necklace is itself fit for elven royalty: a pewter ægishjálmur pendant on a strand of shimmering iridescent lampwork beads, with silver acrylic beads, and aquamarine chips – a necklace of softness and strength, beauty and severity.  Necklace measures approximately 28″, is strung on sturdy monofilament, with a barrel clasp.  Asking $40, though the work I put into the complexity of the piece is worth a lot more than that.


There’s a whole lot more available at my Etsy shop, including PDF copies of my book Visions of Vanaheim (the paperback can be found on CreateSpace and, and I also offer divination services if you’d like a rune or Tarot reading from me.  Come on down!  :)

(And yes, I do holds, though I only reserve a listing for seven days.)

Deities speculated to be Vanir

Vanic Friday: To Know You

A poem I wrote on Mother’s Day 2010, under the name Svartesol, for Nerthus:

To Know You

To know You is to fear You
as You lift up Your veil
and Your blazing eyes look into mine
Your face is frozen into a scowl
To know You is to fear the grief and anger
built up over generations
as we take and take and take
expecting You to endlessly give
We claim to be thankful for Your bounty
as we poison and torture and disfigure Your body
as we abuse Your children a thousand different ways
To know You is to fear You
for You do not have endless patience for us
and endless resources for us to take
but rather an endless reserve of rage
Is it any wonder You shake and You spew
more and more often?

To know You is to grieve with You
For every sparrow is counted
You know each blade of grass, and every leaf
You grieve for Your children
all that You have lost
and You grieve for the coming doom
when the herd will be thinned
to save Your own life.

But to know You is to love You
for You are the Mother of All
and You love us, even as we pretend to love You
and fuck You over again and again
You made us, and You watched us grow
You watched us reach the stars
Even in these dying days
You hold hope for our future
A time when we will live more at one with You
and truly be Your children -
when Your body will heal,
and the bonds between us healed with it
May we not forsake this dream
May those who hear the call, one at a time
reach out to Your embrace
and be sheltered by You
when all else falls apart.

My baby finally sold

OK.  So.  I have had this piece since September 2013, I originally charged $300 for  it when I listed it, as kyanite has high market value, and the rest of the beads (aquamarine and lampwork) were not cheap.  I clearanced the item for $75 because I need money and I can’t afford to sit on it for another year and see if someone might eventually pay me $300 for it someday… and at the massively discounted price, still sat on it for awhile.  It made me sad, but because this is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve made, ever – I consider it to be one of my finest pieces of work – it’s just so fucking pretty, I don’t know how anyone could not want this.  This is another example of “I’d keep this for myself if I didn’t need money”, because shiny.

This morning I woke up, checked my e-mail… and my baby finally sold (thank you to the person who bought it, if you’re reading this; your item is going out tomorrow, I have a mail pickup scheduled).

So even though this is not available for sale anymore, I still want to show it off to my audience because it’s so pretty.  Like I said, I consider this to be one of the best pieces I’ve ever done.


Kyanite pendant with kyanite, aquamarine, lampwork, and gold-lined aqua glass seed beads. This necklace is approximately 24″ long not counting the pendant; the pendant measures 1″ long.


(If you’d like to look at samples of my other beadwork, I have necklaces and bracelets available on my Etsy shop.)


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