A satisfied customer

My friend Heather bought this piece from me and sent me a picture of her wearing it (and told me I could post it here):


The bracelet that goes with this piece is still available at my Etsy shop:

Rose gold eternity symbol set with sparkling crystals, with copper pewter roses and spacers, coppery glass seed beads, peach pearls, and rainbow moonstone. Bracelet measures approximately 8 inches on elastic, and this bracelet is going for $35.

Etsy Friday: it’s baaaaack

This is one of my older items, the listing on it expired a couple months ago, and I decided to re-list it, so here it is.

Dragonfly Dream: Iridescent dragonfly lampwork pendant – pink that flashes gold-green in changes of light – strung on pink tourmaline with pink fire-polish crystal, gold-green thunder-polish crystal, and green-gold seed beads.





Necklace measures approximately 25″, pendant measures approximately 2″. This necklace has a barrel clasp.  It is going for $80.

I do holds and layaway plans if you need it, and I also gladly ship internationally.  If this item doesn’t interest you, there might be one that does. I also do custom orders, convo me if you would like to commission me to make me something for you.  Thank you for your support and patronage!

Coming next week: new devotional beads in my Etsy store including (but not limited to) sets for Sigyn, Hel, Hel-Fenris-Jormundgand, Nerthus, and Star Mother.  I will also have a couple new necklaces available towards the end of next week.  Stay tuned…


Under a sea of stars

My latest post for my blog Roads to Vanaheim at PaganSquare, entitled Under a sea of stars, is up.

Also my latest post to my blog Ride the Spiral at Patheos, takes a look at Helen Keller, one of my “spiritual ancestors”.

Practical magick

Among my preparations for my impending move in December, I got a collar and a leash for Sheldon (my cat) – even though he’s a docile cat, I don’t want to take any chances when we go through TSA and I have to take him out of the carrier for inspection.  I got an ID tag made for him to go on his collar, it wasn’t that much, and again with the “better safe than sorry”.

(While getting Sheldon on the plane with me is not actually the most expensive part of this move – shipping my shit to New England is, and I am doing that in stages – it is probably the second most expensive.  I have spent more money on Sheldon’s space on the plane + his cat carrier per airline specs + travel bowls + carrier liners + collar/leash/ID, than I have on my own ticket.  I also ordered a bag of the grain-free cat food I have Sheldon on and had it shipped to where I’m going to be living, so they can have it ready the night we arrive.)

I’ve mentioned before that D is very territorial with me, I already energetically “smell like him” for lack of a better way of putting it, and he’s going to reinforce that energy with me the day of the flight, via a couple of things.  Today he told me to affix his seal to the back of Sheldon’s ID tag, which is also officially putting the cat under his protection.  (D and I have started referring to Sheldon as “our cat”, D thinks of Sheldon as his too, and yes, Sheldon is aware of him and interacts with him, which is interesting.  D encourages Sheldon to be a troll, which makes things REALLY interesting.)  So one of my projects for the day was to draw D’s seal on parchment and get it on the back of Sheldon’s ID tag.  Sheldon got VERY curious while I was doing this, came over and looked up at me and made that questioning meow, and started tapping me with his paw, like “Whatcha doin’? Are you making me a thing?”

(I had Sheldon try on the collar after I bought it and I periodically put it on him for short periods of time to get him acclimated, so that way the day of the flight I’m not springing anything new on him.  Sheldon is, like I said, fairly docile and easygoing, but still.  So he knows the collar is his, and knew I was doing something to it.)

D allowed me to mention this here because for my readers, this might be something you can try re: protecting your pets during travel, is putting a symbol of your favored deity on the pet’s collar (frex if you work with Thor, you could put a little Mjollnir on there to put your critter under Thor’s protection), or maybe a protective rune or bindrune (I’m a fan of the vegvísir to ensure safe travel, myself) and this can be done in a discrete way, such as drawing the symbol on a piece of parchment or other paper and then affixing it to the back of the ID tag.  (Mod Podge works well as a sealer for this purpose.)

(And now D is making cracks about how I’m his pet too.  :P)

Vanic Friday: Grandfather Raven

A photomanip I did in 2013, of Grandfather Raven, the former head of the Raven tribe (who still plays an important role as a Raven elder).


Latest on Patheos

Stripped, in which I talk about being without my altar stuff for the next six weeks.

The “good” disabled person

Nornoriel Lokason:

As a disabled person who has gotten crap about my disabilities, and learned the “good disabled person” programming to the point where it has done damage to me also (physically and psychologically), please read this post.

Originally posted on Loki's Bruid:

Society tells us from the time we are young that the best disabled people do not depend on anyone. “Being raised to not depend on anyone” is a societal hallmark of a disabled person that has “overcome” according to the standards of success. We are declared “successful” in the eyes of society when we don’t need help anymore or we need the least help possible. While well intentioned, this logic is damaging and twisted. We need to change the way we look at disabilities and the way we treat the idea of needing help. While it is certainly a good thing to do as much as one possibly can without assistance, we have not accomplished anything as a society seeking to empower others by shaming those who do in fact need some help. The fact is, with or without a disability, everyone needs help sometimes and everyone, yes, all of…

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