Why I have a bug up my ass about rejecting western medicine

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Steve Jobs had a mild form of cancer that is not usually fatal, but seems to have ushered along his own death by delaying conventional treatment in favor of alternative remedies, a Harvard Medical School researcher and faculty member says. Jobs’s intractability, so often his greatest asset, may have been his undoing.

“Let me cut to the chase: Mr. Jobs allegedly chose to undergo all sorts of alternative treatment options before opting for conventional medicine,” Ramzi Amri wrote in anextraordinarily detailed post to Quora, an online Q&A forum popular among Silicon Valley executives. “Given the circumstances, it seems sound to assume that Mr. Jobs’ choice for alternative medicine has eventually led to an unnecessarily early death.”

Amri went on to say that, even after entering conventional medical care, the Apple CEO seemed to eschew the most practical forms of treatment. Addressing the period when Jobs began to visibly…

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Etsy Wednesday

So first let me start by reminding people that my books exist.  :P

Visions of Vanaheim, a 420-page introduction to the Vanir and Vanatru, is available in paperback via CreateSpace and Amazon.com, and in PDF download format via Etsy.

Walking Between Worlds, a 322-page “survival guide” to the newly spirit-touched, is available in paperback via CreateSpace and Amazon.com, and in PDF download on Etsy.

Peace and Good Seasons, a 122-page devotional book to the Vanir god Frey, is available via CreateSpace and Amazon.com for paperbacks, and PDFs can be purchased on Etsy.

So with that out of the way…

I am still having a “garage sale” on Etsy in the interest of paring down some of my stuff for the impending move, as well as getting a bit extra towards impending apartment deposit (every little bit helps).  To that end I am selling crystals as well as odds and ends.  (The odds and ends include a couple tiny bowls that could be used on an altar, a couple glass candleholders, and a lot of three BPAL imps.)

I do offer divinations and natal charts at my shop:

  • $5 for a 3-card or 3-rune reading
  • $10 for a 9-card or 9-rune reading
  • $15 for a “Twelve Houses” reading, wherein I throw cards or runes to tell you about what’s going on in each area of your life (example: Second House of finances, Sixth House of health, Seventh House of partnership)
  • $50 for a comprehensive natal chart.  This is not just the chart itself, but I will give you an explanation of what’s in your chart – the planets in the houses, and what they mean – as well as the aspects they make to each other, and what they mean.  For example, say you have a Virgo ascendant, with Mars in Virgo.  Are you curious about the way this impacts you?  If your Moon in Leo squares Sun in Scorpio, what is going on there?  I can tell you, in your chart.
  • $100 will give you a natal chart with a 3-year forecast.  Not only will I do a comprehensive natal chart but I will tell you about things like Mercury retrogrades and other planetary retrogrades over the next three years and how that’s likely to impact you.  I will tell you about upcoming difficult transits like planets squaring off, as well as beneficial transits like trines and where that’s likely to bring you the most luck.   I give you a month-by-month analysis for 3 years.  The PDF report typically runs somewhere between 35-50 pages depending on how complicated your chart is, and the transits affecting you.  $100 for this package is an extremely low rate, professional astrologers typically charge three times this, and I can tell you from having done charts with forecasts that $100 does not cover the cost of time at minimum wage.  There will come a point in the not too distant future when I will in fact be raising my rates for this service, so if this interests you, you want to take advantage of this current low price while you can.  You are pretty much not going to find anyone who charges less for this than I do right now. (Also I get charts done as quickly as possible – if you order a forecast today you will have it before Samhain and probably sooner than that.  [I got a client's chart+forecast done in a week, really pushing myself.  I give a timeframe of about 2-3 weeks on average to get it done.])

I also make things!  And stuff!

Like this:

The Raven: Ceramic raven focal bead on onyx, AB black lampwork, and faceted rainbow iris Czech crystal beads. Bracelet is approximately 8 inches on a sturdy elastic.  $15.

Garnet and Pewter Bracelet: $18.

Hematite and Pewter Bracelet: $18.

CLEARANCE Celtic Storm Bracelet: Labradorite beads with knotwork pewter beads and iridescent glass spacers.  I’m asking $20 for this.  I’ve gotten a LOT of admirers on this piece (I’d keep it myself if I didn’t need money, I have a thing for labradorite) and I’m really surprised and disappointed that in the months this has been available, it hasn’t sold yet.  Maybe you will be the lucky owner.

CLEARANCE Celtic Forest Bracelet: Also $20, faceted emerald and green lepidolite with knotwork pewter beads and glass spacers.  Another piece that has gotten a lot of  love and no takers.

The Key: Pearl, garnet, and moonstone necklace, with pewter spacers, and a metal key pendant.  Necklace measures approximately 22″ (not counting pendant) and is on a toggle clasp; key pendant measures 2 1/2″.  $25.

Fire Jewel: Baltic amber, sunstone, and golden-veined quartz.  Asking $40, necklace is worth at least twice that by current market value (and I will NOT be marking this down any lower than its current price, so if you’ve been waiting for me to clearance it, it’s not happening).  Necklace is approximately 24″ and on a lobster claw clasp; I will provide a 3-inch extender chain at no extra cost if explicitly requested.  This is yet another piece that has gotten admirers, but as yet no takers.  This necklace would be absolutely perfect for a devotee of Freya or other Vanic gods (even if you just gift it on her altar and don’t wear it), or perhaps to wear to an SCA event if you’ve got a Viking persona, or just if you really like amber (which I do).

Here is another necklace inspired by Her Fabulousness:

Brisingamen, clearanced at $15.  I re-listed this item when it expired because someone told me they’d be interested in buying it and it’s been a couple weeks and no follow-through.  Maybe it might be meant for you instead.  Lampwork heart pendant with very, very sparkly faceted crystal beads.


There’s a lot more than this, including pendants.  Come on down, your patronage is going towards a good cause, helping to get me and my cat into our own place, and some practical household items we need to get set up with.  Thank you!






At my blog Ride the Spiral on Patheos, I present to you Trust: Part One and Part Two.

With a little help from my friends

2013 was the most awful year of my life, and I’ve had some shit-tastic, awful years (every year from 2002-2005 was pretty much fired, and 2009 was bad).  2013 was the year my life exploded and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, It Got Worse.  I had a little glimmer of hope like light peeking through storm clouds starting in December when I started working more closely with Lucifer. The same dude who, when things fell apart in July, just happened to offer to get me moved into a safe situation so I wouldn’t end up on the street, and I moved to Portland, Oregon, the place I’d been wanting to live since I was eight or so (in part because of the Ramona books, in part because I saw pictures and read about the rain and it seemed like just the place for me).

2014, It Got Better.  I began to get longstanding mental and physical health problems addressed – found out I had celiac disease and quit gluten, got two wisdom teeth removed and a shitload of dental work done, went on medication for my mental illness, started re-visiting CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) techniques.  I came out as trans.  I am going to be moving into my own place in a few months, where I’ll be more independently mobile and so on.

In late 2013 Lucifer told me, “I have a couple people I want you to meet.”  That turned out to be Asmodai, and D (D more particularly).  Asmodai gave me a big, hard shove onto the road to recovery, and D has been at my side, guiding me.  (Or to put it another way, Asmodai lit the fire, turned me into a phoenix, and D has been teaching me how to fly.)

One of the most notable things about 2014 is that I got a really big push with my writing and art career. While Eligos is an unofficial patron of mine re: creativity, I would say at this point that D is just as much if not more so, and has (just as importantly) helped me with the business side of what I do.  (For example, he pushed me towards Patheos as a career move, and Patheos led to getting an offer to do PaganSquare as well.  D has helped me with drawing up and maintaining boundaries with my audience [for example, I am not your on-call free therapist], and planning projects, making plans to attend events in 2015 and 2016, and so on.)

Periodically I have gotten questions about how do you demons, and I am not the best person to field these questions for a lot of reasons.  (First of all, I’m really fucking busy.)  Demons are a fairly new development in my spiritual practise.  I have been pagan since 1995 (though if we want to get really technical I’ve been a polytheist since age eight or so, back in 1988), but I started dealing with Lucifer in 2012.  “The demon thing” did not really get this intense until this past year.  I have necessarily been on a steep learning curve over the last ten months where I’ve been doing demonology research and Kabbalah study (in addition to all of the other shit I have going on, so needless to say my dance card is pretty full).  I also only deal with four demons (I’m acquainted with several others but I only actually “work with” four of them), and two of the four more than the others, and one of those two I am not allowed to identify publicly for a lot of reasons (a lot of those reasons boiling down to “oh, Tumblr”). Tl;dr – there are people with far more knowledge and experience than myself who are better to give information about this subject.

Beyond the fact that I’m still new to “the demon thing”… the “you work with so-and-so and they seem cool” thing is problematic, and I’ve addressed it before, but the short version of that speech is, just because you see somebody working with an entity, even if that entity seems like they are awesome people, does not necessarily mean that you ought to try it yourself.  I’m not saying that nobody should ever approach an entity because they seem cool or interesting – see also, the intensive shitload of writing I do about the Vanir, my PR work to promote the Vanic cultus, obviously I wouldn’t be doing that if I thought people should never ever work with entities they read about somewhere and it pings with them.  But what I am saying is, there is this tendency for various entities to become trendy.  I’m not saying that everyone newly devoted to a suddenly popular entity is hopping on a bandwagon, but it would be disingenuous of me to say that bandwagons don’t exist.  After I came out about Asmodai as my patron on Tumblr, all of a sudden here were a dozen people who were now BFFs with Asmodeus, who gave no indication of being interested in demons before.  I’m not sitting here judging other people’s relationships as legit or not because that is not my place, I am not accusing anyone of deciding to work with Asmodai because Nono does, but Asmodeus is pretty much the last entity you want to be sidling up to because you see I have Grumpy Cat on his altar and I make up stupid songs about him and you think you are in for fun shenans and Hilarity Will Ensue.  Or because you see that he’s had a hand in unfucking my life and I’m going places and doing things and seem strong and self-confident and thus you think he can help you unfuck your life.

Let me get really real with y’all for a mo.

Asmodai is, apart from D, the entity I am closest to.  I call Asmodai “Father”, and I mean it.  I love him fiercely.  But getting help from an entity like Asmodai is like… let me put it to you this way.  My shit got so fucked up that only an entity as severe as Asmodai could help me unfuck my shit, and the way he’s been helping me?  Has been putting me through the fire.  We are CLEANING ALL THE THINGS.  ALL OF THEM.  To say the last ten months have been “trying” is like saying running a marathon is going for a wee little jog.

Asmodai is not an entity who you want to just go up to like HEY SUP DAWG because you see how Nono has grown and changed and you want some of that.  If you think that being BFFs with Asmodai is going to be the hot new thing to get you where you want to go in life, that he’s going to help you and be your life coach and it’s going to be awesome… I have a video I want you to watch.  Actually watch this video, seriously.

This video is my relationship with Asmodai, encapsulated in seven minutes.  (And to some extent, Suit!Lucifer.  [D himself can go into Glengarry Glen Ross Speech mode, but he doesn't with me; D is more the Tony Robbins type with me, to the point where I've busted his ass about giving me these New Agey motivational speeches and we come up with ridiculous titles for books he should write.])

No, I am not exaggerating.

Asmodai has INFURIATED me at various stages of my relationship with him.  Asmodai has stopped pissing me off so much as of late because I’ve actually gotten with the program, so my relationship with him is a lot more laid-back these days.  But when the heat was really turned up, I got the Glengarry Glen Ross Speech as a regular thing.  “If you want to work here, close.”  Except in my case it was “If you want to get better, if you want your life to stop sucking so much, stop feeling sorry for yourself, don’t be a victim,” (and its cousin, “get off your ass and find something productive to do, if you want your life to get better, do things to make that happen”) and making me face the facts about where I’ve gone wrong in life – because experiencing intersectionality, having been an abuse victim, does not mean I get a free pass and can evade all personal responsibility forever – and I’ve had to take a hard look at the ways I get in my own way, and so on.

(This is not to say that I am not ever allowed to feel sad or angry about things – Asmodai is a wrath demon, he would be the last person to harp on me about “negative energy”.  But as he’s told me before, there is a difference between legitimate grief, legitimate expression of pain, and wallowing in emo pity parties. He has demanded that I allow myself to be able to grieve when I need to.  The problem is that with BPD, I sometimes need a little help from him or other entities in figuring out what the difference is.)

And I have had to deal with some very uncomfortable truths about myself – for example, I have had to own to the fact that I wouldn’t wind up with Asmodai as a patron, saying “I like you,” if I was great with people.  (And if you don’t understand why I said that, then you don’t know Asmodai and you don’t want to know Asmodai.)  I have had to accept this, so I experience less disappointment in life.

I have had to face my fears – fear of medical professionals to get proper help, fear of coming out as trans and living as male, and I am currently having a showdown with 1. the fear of getting a place on my own and finally becoming a motherfucking adult, 2. realizing that I am shouting into a 14,000+-person megaphone every time I chirp on Patheos or PaganSquare – something that would have terrified me a year ago, or even six months ago – because I had to face the facts that if I want a career as a pagan author (as opposed to just writing pagan stuff as a hobby) I actually have to, like, write where other people can see it.  Now facing these fears might seem like “big fucking deal” but when you live with an anxiety disorder and you worry about things constantly, and you have had fear as your closest companion from childhood onward… Asmodai shoving me with “do the thing you fear” is hard fucking work.  It’s liberating, when I can conquer my fears?  But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a white-knuckled ride till I get past the first leg or so.

If it looks like I’ve gotten a lot of help from demons in unfucking my life… I have… but this is not something I necessarily recommend for other people.  While the infernal pantheon is comprised of individual entities and they each have different personalities, agendas, spheres of influence, etc, “severity” is something that I would say applies in a cultural sense.  I’m not saying that nobody should work with demons – it can be rewarding, it can be real potential for spiritual growth… but it will challenge you.  And depending on Who you work with, that challenge may be sink or swim, fly or die. My advice is to read up before you approach an entity.  There are some demons who are more benevolent than others – I like Eligos a lot, for example.  Do your research, read, and don’t be afraid to put out general feelers like “hey, has anyone worked with Ipos or Vassago or whoever?” and learn about others’ experiences. Don’t just hop on a bandwagon because you see someone you admire dealing with an entity and you think said entity will help you in the same way.  I can’t tell you NO DON’T WORK WITH ASMODAI – I don’t own him and you can do what you want – but get ready for the Glengarry Glen Ross Speech treatment if you do.  If that isn’t your idea of a good time, look at other demons, other entities.

Etsy Monday

Today is the last day of the 25% off sale I’m having (minimum purchase $30), the coupon expires on September 30th.  Here’s a sample of things currently available in my store:

Protection Bracelet I (right): Red glass focal bead with smoky quartz, jet, rainbow obsidian, garnet, and hematite beads. Measures approximately 8 inches on an elastic. $15.

Protection Bracelet II (left): Smoky quartz, hematite, and garnet. Bracelet measures approximately 8 inches on an elastic. Also $15.

Bracelets for protection, shielding, strength, confidence, assertiveness, grounding.  (I am legally obligated to tell you that magick is a curio only.)


One peacock ore nugget: $7/each.


One rose quartz chunk: $7/each.


Two kyanite sticks: Asking $8 for the set.


One rainbow aura quartz nugget: $9/each.  REALLY surprised there have been no takers on these yet.  Seriously.


Set of two amethyst spheres: $12.


One golden aura quartz point: $3/each.


Rainbow Moon Bracelet: $12.


Earth Mother Necklace: $15.


Rainbow Waters Necklace: $18.


Rainbow Waters II Necklace: $25.


There’s a lot more, including:

and as always, the PDF downloads of my books

I am currently saving up for an apartment deposit (which includes a cat deposit), so every little bit helps!  To take advantage of the coupon code on its last day, visit my Etsy store and plug in the code EQUINOX when you check out.  Thank you for your support and patronage.  <3

Latest post to Ride the Spiral

My latest post to my blog Ride the Spiral at Patheos, entitled Sacred grief, is up.


My latest post to Staff of Asclepius at Patheos, entitled SCIENCE! is up, in which I continue to address the anti-Western-medicine sentiment within the pagan community.


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