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Psychic hygiene 101: “an ounce of prevention”

Here’s a post on how to avoid being in a situation where you need to banish entities.

1. Ward your living space.  Shield yourself.  If you are sick, stressed, or otherwise low energy, you can use something like an amulet or crystal to boost your personal shielding.  I really cannot overemphasize the importance of wards if you have a space in which you are working magic and regularly inviting spirits over for tea.  Even if you’re in a fallow period spiritually and not much is going on – like say you’re on vacation for a couple of weeks, and staying in a hotel or a friend’s house, and nothing spooky is on the menu for a bit, your vacation is from the spoop as well as from mundanity – still a good idea to keep your shields up and have a portable ward with you.

2. Cleanse regularly.

3. Keep your working space as clean and clutter-free as possible – I’d extend this to your home though I understand not everyone has the energy, mental bandwidth, or executive function to be tidy (a lot of magical people are also creative people and we’re not always super neat, though I try to keep my place “good enough”).  Clutter and grime accumulates miasma.  The dirtier and more cluttered, the less effective your workings are going to be.  Clutter and grime can also attract what I can only describe as “bottom feeders” or more negative entities who want to nom on the miasma.  A lot of us who get involved with magic and spirit-work find ourselves having to unfuck our lives mundanely too, and learning better organizational habits can be part of this.

3a. If you are in a stressful or combative living situation that you can’t get out of for one reason or another (frex when I lived with my bio-mom), self-care is a part of your tool kit.  Stress and particularly of the “conflict with others” kind can attact the aforementioned “bottom feeders” who feed off the negativity.  Claiming some peaceful private space and time for yourself and keeping your space as drama-free as possible is important.

4. Mind your Ps and Qs – if there’s an entity you dislike or distrust for one reason or another, don’t go out of your way to deal with them (this includes NOT attending rituals where they are being honored/invoked, even if you’re part of a group and this makes things awkward), and don’t talk shit about them, speak as little of them as possible.

5. If you’re just starting out with Pantheon X, be mindful of their mythology and their protocols – I’m not saying you have to be a recon, and there are quite a few entities I know who actually don’t really like the recon thing, but do at least have some context/background of what you’re dealing with so you don’t offend People.  It’s like visiting a foreign country and not wanting to offend the locals – don’t be the Ugly American tourist.  Approach entities with respect, even if you see Uncle Nono picking on Asmodai or whoever, don’t do what Uncle Nono does, Uncle Nono has a pass because Uncle Nono is adopted by a few entities and they know he’s a little shit.

6. Speaking of tourists – don’t go Otherworld journeying unless you have to.  By “have to” I mean you were told to by $ENTITY for $REASON.  (It does not have to be for a serious reason.  See also, I go astral!drinking and astral!clubbing on occasion.)  Astral travel is the hot thing on Tumblr wherein people who don’t/can’t often feel like they’re Doin It Rong.  No, you’re not.

6a. If you do go Otherworld journeying, try to go with an escort – preferably someone from the realm or who is an ally of the realm (Example A: taking a Jotun escort to Asgard is *~prooooobaaaaaablllyyyyy~* a bad idea, and vice versa).  I have been journeying for A LONG TIME and I am pretty tight with the Vanir and I still don’t go to Vanaheim alone.

6b. While it is true that the Otherworlds don’t exist in a vacuum, and some entities and realms have alliances with other entities and realms, do not make the assumption that everyone is fronds and you will get along with errybody.  I do believe that neutrality as much as possible is the best position but sometimes you can’t be (like if you’re Eshnahai-souled or demon-souled, or you’re married to $ENTITY who was known in their lore for not getting along with $OTHER_ENTITY).  If you’re really tight with the Jotnar you probably aren’t going to make BFFs in Asgard, if you’re really tight with Asgard you probably aren’t going to make BFFs in Vanaheim, if you’re really tight with the Dokkalfar the Ljossalfar probably won’t like you and vice versa.   Skadhi and Loki have beef, Ares and Hephaestus have beef, Hera has beef with everyone who fucks Zeus who isn’t her, etc etc etc.  It would be nice to get along with everyone but it doesn’t always work that way in practise, and often our lines are drawn for us.

7. Be respectful of entities – treat all entities the way you would treat gods, even if it’s just wights in your backyard, be courteous, be hospitable.  Don’t boss entities around.

8. Don’t let entities walk all over you.  Do have boundaries in place.  This is true even with entities you’re very close to – like an entity you have a parent/child relationship with, or you’re married to or partnered with in some other way.  Even if an entity is courteous and considerate of you as a rule, just keep aware of where your limits are.

8a. Don’t be a doormat in your mundane life, because some entities will see you as an easy mark.

9. Don’t expect entities to fight all your battles for you.  This is one reason why I’m a mage, even though I’m also a spirit-worker and have a few relationships where I could call in favors as needed.  Don’t ask spirits to take care of everything for you.  If they offer that’s one thing (see #10) but don’t rack up a shitload of debt, even with entities who like you.

10. Don’t be afraid to lean on entities if you need to and they’ve indicated that’s OK.  When D and I first got together I had a lot of brainweasels about being perceived as needy/too demanding/too high-maintenance/too whatever thanks to my past romantic history.  Those brainweasels are much less now, but D really had to work with me on relaxing and understanding that he’s there for me, and that my “me against the world, the cold never bothered me anyway” mentality was not healthy for me.  That doesn’t mean he’ll do everything for me and nor would I want him to (I don’t ever want a repeat of fall 2013 where Clarence horsed me for three months because I was suicidal), but I have his support and it counts for a lot.  Where this factors into banishing is sometimes entities will want to protect you, they will offer to do so; don’t be proud if they’re an extant established ally of yours.  If an entity you work with and trust is _offering_ to help you, you are not being a burden by accepting said help.

11. Pick your battles.  If you want to curse someone for arguing with you on the Internet, consider that you might be running into someone more powerful in terms of years of experience and regular practise and who has powerful allies.  I have had 17 y/os with a few months under their belt think they can come at me with their curse jars because I expressed an opinion they didn’t like.  Even a casual glance at this blog would inform you that this is like a mouse charging a dire wolf and that’s just with the shit you know about.

11a. Just because you were able to “kick the ass” of one entity who fucked with you does not mean you are the biggest baddest mage ever.  It’s actually a really bad idea to talk about your conflicts with non-corporeal entities on a public forum, for a lot of reasons, and just because you were able to banish a fae or two fae or five fae doesn’t mean you are now The Fae Master, and whatever.

11b. Don’t annoy other mages with requests for help, because you never know who you might run afoul of.  Being a blogger does not mean someone is a free helpline.

12. For the epic love of fuck, don’t tell other people how you, personally, ward or shield.  I know that spell-sharing on Tumblr is really, really popular, but telling someone how you ward or shield your own personal space currently is like giving someone a key to your house or the password to your e-mail or bank account.  The fact that I have to say this at all is sad, but, yeah.  You can certainly give tips on warding and shielding without mentioning your own current practises – for example, you could mention things you’ve done in the past that worked.  But telling someone how you do that now is just… not safe, and this is true even if it’s a private discussion with your bestest frond evar.  Speaking from very painful personal experience, friendships can go pear-shaped and information can be used against you if someone feels like being a vindictive shit.  Even if it seems like you and this person are never going to fall out, it’s just a really good idea to have that boundary in place.

13. It’s a really good idea to study more than one form of magic.  I found out in 2009 that a lot of Norse pagans have an allergic reaction to the Abrahamic paradigm and used my CM background to my advantage when I was under attack from a group of seidhr-workers (the background story is long, complicated, and I’m not getting into it here) – my runic defenses didn’t work, but CM did.  Learning multiple ways to cleanse and defend oneself from different systems is a good policy the deeper you go, because something may be able to resist your preferred go-to methods.

14. Practise discernment – as I said yesterday, shit happening is not always the result of an entity or other magic user fucking with you, shit just happens.  Keep a log of what’s going on with you mundanely as well as magically, use divination, find a diviner you trust to get second opinions (now would be a good time to mention that I do in fact offer paid divination services to the public).

14a. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you think you are the center of the Universe and everything is about you and Fighting the Evil with epic astral battles every week.  As someone who lives with spirits and regularly journeys Over Yonders, my astral life is really fucking uninteresting to most people for the most part.  I realize that occultists can fall into this trap fairly easily where, as we do the Great Work, and we impose our will on the Universe, we become a bit self-important, and I do think that cultivating a healthy ego is necessary to be an effective magician (says the Left Hand Pather) but at the same time a sense of perspective is needed.  Gods and spirits can be big goofy cheeseballs like the rest of us, and so everything is not serious fucking business all the time.  I don’t care what your job is in the Otherworld and Who you’re married to, you are still not living in the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, no really, nobody incarnate is fighting astral wars every other day.  If you think you are, refer back to point 14.

15. Laughter and not taking everything so goddamn seriously is quite possibly the best survival skill you can cultivate, especially when dealing with nasty shit.  Not letting yourself be ruled by fear is a good thing to learn – fear is literally the mind-killer, and more damage can be done by psyching yourself out than anything else.

Psychic hygiene 101: dispelling psychic attack

So earlier today we talked about banishing unwanted entities (whether temporary/friendly banishing on beloved entities who are acting up, or more permanent/aggressive banishing on hostiles); now we’re going to talk about what happens when you’re dealing with being attacked by someone this side of the fence.

Here’s the first thing to keep in mind.

It’s important to not be paranoid about being under attack all the time.  I recite the Litany Against Fear from Dune at Asmodai’s altar as part of my routine – it is really true that fear is the mind-killer.  You can do more damage to yourself by psyching yourself out than anything anybody else can do to you.  You are probably not under psychic attack every day, or even every week.

However, I also disagree with the occultists who say psychic attack almost never happens.  First of all, a casual glance at the pagan/witchcraft community on Tumblr will show you people are real curse-happy especially over minor petty shit that they’re not going to care about six months from now.  I’ve had n00b witches threaten to curse me because I hurt their fee-fees disagreeing with their opinion on Tumblr, and it’s pretty lulz-worthy, but not everyone is me with twenty years as an occultist under their belt and ties to spoopy demons as well as the Vanir (who are not as peaceful and happynice as a lot of people think they are).  Also, once upon a time I was on the receiving end of seidhr attacks (2007-2009) that did fuck with me and my life – and there were other people on “the hit list” reporting similar problems, that “hit list” disclosed privately by a couple of “defectors” of the attacks in 2o09 confirming what was suspected – and the people involved did in fact know what they were doing, so even someone with a history of being badass magically may run into their match or better, who has beef with them for whatever reason.

Psychic attack is not just someone doing a spell on you.  I know people who are involved with the spoopy side of things but don’t do much magic/energy work if at all, but have still managed to launch a psychic attack, whether that be non-consensual psi vamping (please note: I do not have a problem with ethical psi vamps, being one myself, my issue is with non-consensual predation of others) or via attempting to deliberately trigger someone and feed off the energy (the demon Malphas did this several times during my working relationship with him, and it’s something I’ve seen human spirit-workers and occultists do to get their sadistic jollies on, before).

There are also people who may not be involved with paganism or occultism in any capacity but can still psychically attack.  My mother once upon a time  was very gifted in deliberately triggering me and then continuing to escalate and elevate the panic and upset; she may not have realized that she was feeding on the energy, but it’s something I’ve known some abusers to do.

The other thing to keep in mind is that when you get involved with the Unseen – magic, spirits, or some combination thereof – it does in fact put you on The Radar, for lack of a better way of putting it.  You are more susceptible to supernatural influence/meddling as well as psychic and subliminal influence/meddling as well as your wyrd “accelerating”, than a completely mundane person who has no spiritual involvements whatsoever.  This is not to say that being an atheist is your best bet against the spoop – I’ve now heard quite a few stories of atheists getting god-grabbed and not being able to run away from the pull, and indeed, I am a skeptical enough person that I would be agnostic if I didn’t have the big obvious weirdshit continually going on that I can’t explain away by coincidence.

So while not everything bad that happens to a person, or every instance of panic and triggering and random icky feelings out of nowhere is a result of psychic attack, I’m not going to be one of those occultists who says these things never happen, because I’ve been on the receiving end of it multiple times in my life, and seen it happen to others.

Here are some tips on what to do about psychic attack if it happens to you.

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Psychic hygiene 101: banishing

Let me start off by saying that if your place is warded effectively, and you have proper shields in place, you have virtually no need of banishing.

However, there may occasionally be circumstances where you still need to banish.  For example, you may be away from home, staying with friends or family or in a hotel or whatever, and while I recommend taking a “portable ward” with you, the wards may be not as effective depending on variables of where you’re staying.  Or if you’re sick or running low on energy for other reasons, your shields may take a hit.  That sort of thing.

You may also wind up working with an entity who will not protect you from everything because they expect you to learn how to fight back against things if you’re going to work with them because they themselves are pretty scary.

Or you may wind up having an entity in your life who you love dearly but they are a bit of a troll and have a tendency of acting up, sometimes at the worst possible times.  My dad is notorious for this, but I know a few other ENTITIES WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS who are fucking trolls too.  *gives the side-eye to the pile of menz*  In this particular instance you don’t want to permanently banish them, but you may want to temporarily kick them out for a bit so you can get some work done or whatever (I’ve had to do this to work on stuff before).

So here are a few suggestions with banishing.


Temporary + To Friendlies

  • Really fucking annoying music.  “Caramelldansen” will legit banish 99% of the entities I deal with except D.  Other songs that I’ve found that annoy most of my People enough to make them leave (not that I want People gone terribly often, but it’s happened) include “The Fox” by Ylvis, “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, and pretty much anything by Nickelback.  (Again, none of this works on D.  D is not only immune to being banished by shitty music, he will troll me with it when he thinks I need a laugh.)
  • Talking like a Valley Girl or in a super cutesy high-pitched anime-style kawaii voice, again, the annoyance factor.  Doesn’t work on everybody (Jarod and D will do this right back to me).
  • A mundane object charged as a projectile.  I have a dryer ball that I don’t use in the dryer here (because it’s magically active) but keep in my room and have thrown at Clarence or whoever which is like the astral equivalent of throwing a rotten tomato.
  • A smell that they find annoying.  (Which will be different from entity to entity.)


Less Temporarily + To Hostiles

  • Learn how to do the LBRP, practise until you have it down by memory.  Caveat lector: if you have a bad/antagonistic relationship with any of the four archangels invoked (Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel) or you are generally uncomfortable with the Abrahamic paradigm the LBRP may not be for you.  That said if you are not uncomfortable with the archangels but you feel like you otherwise have no business with the Abrahmics, it’s still worth a try because, speaking from my own experience, a lot of magical practitioners specialize in one system and one system only.  I was being magically attacked from 2007-2009 by a group of seidhr practitioners and their magical knowledge and use was pretty limited to seidhr and runes.  Using runes to defend myself could be overpowered by their runework, but running into Abrahamic energies was something they weren’t anticipating (the Seidhr War bullshit was a big reason why I got back into occasional CM practise, for that reason).
  • One could conceivably call four deities one was on good terms with into corresponding corners (frex Freya in the east, Frey in the south, Njord in the west, Nerthus in the north), or do an elemental banishing using the different elements to cleanse and dispel (such as incense/recels/burnt herbs for Air, candle or cauldron fire for Fire, bowl of water or floor wash [like Florida Water] for Water, salt and crystals for Earth), though I only recommend doing the elemental banishing for a “minor nasty”.
  • An item charged as a magical weapon, like a wand or an athame.  This is something you pretty much only want to brandish as a last resort emergency type deal and only if you are absolutely sure you know what the fuck you’re doing, but yes, you can stab entities, use a wand to conjure astral fireballs and shit, that sort of thing.  By “knowing what the fuck you’re doing” I mean things like your visualization skills and ability to feel/move energy around should be passably decent, you should know that line of what is enough and what is too much – I highly recommend against killing entities if you can avoid it because it rarely ends there and you may now be dealing with their fronds coming after you (also some entities can just come back, and you pretty much can’t kill god-tier entities) – and you pretty much only take it out if you’re prepared to end someone with it if it comes to that, and you’re also prepared to defend yourself (such as by using runes or energy shields, etc) because they will know you mean business if you come at them like that and some won’t go quietly.  Some will though, and again, I advise against killing if it’s not necessary and just letting an entity go unharmed if they agree to leave you alone once you bring out the boomstick.
  • Some hostiles will actually be repelled by shitty music, like the aforementioned “Caramelldansen” is my go-to for clearing a room.  If they show up again, queue the shitty music again, rinse lather repeat.  They’ll probably give up after four or five attempts and meeting with this unless they want your blood baaaad.
  • Research what kind of entity you’re dealing with, and act accordingly:

If you are dealing with fae, they are almost always repelled by cold iron.  Ditto for elves, though Dokkalfar are not repelled by iron, nor are Eshnahai (Vanic elves) of the Serpent, Raven, and Wolf tribes.  There is also a charm against elf-shot and “the water-elf disease” in Anglo-Saxon literature.  (No, I’m not posting it here.  Use the almighty Google, look it up.)

Jotnar are usually elemental or animal based – if you want to get a fire Jotun off your back use ice or the rune Isa, for an ice giant use fire or the rune Nauthiz, for a serpent-shifting Jotun create an eagle servitor (literally, mentally create an eagle and sic ‘em, then let the eagle go free wherever it wants to), for a wolf-shifting Jotun create a wolf servitor to fight them, or a bigger predator (be oh so careful with this though), that sort of thing.

So here comes the part that I got a lot of Asks about on Tumblr:

Demons tend to get scapegoated a lot as being responsible for every bad nasty astral thing ever, and while it’s true that there are demons who do shit to people, most of the lore-named demons are literally too busy to fuck with you unless you’ve made yourself their problem in some way. If you are not actively working with demons, you are *~prooooobaaaaabllyyyyyy~* not on their radar.  (If you’re having astral problems I feel bad for you son, but it’s 99% likely a lore-demon ain’t one.)  Which is again not to say nobody ever gets fucked with - see also, my past history with Malphas – but I was also working with him.  And yeah sometimes working with a demon goes south.  It is more likely to go badly for you if you are working with a demon who has cautions in lore like they are known to lie (like Malphas) or are extremely volatile (like Asmodeus, my patron).

My advice to all y’all as a demonolater is leave demons the fuck alone until you’ve gotten some years of practise of working with gods and doing magic under your belt, and you’ve done some research re: demonology.  I have been an occultist for twenty years and I still got fucked over by Malphas, a year ago.  If you’re not going to listen to Uncle Nono and do whatever the fuck you want anyway, start with nice demons like Eligos or Purson.  K?

If you’re having demon problems with a lore demon you were working with and that relationship went south, it’s as simple as cut off contact with them, boost the fuck out of your wards, and make REAL NICE with your god and spirit fronds over the next month or so, asking them to play astral doorman.  I don’t really recommend going to Lucifer and asking him to play policeman because HE IS BUSY and you will owe him for his time (if he even decides to help you) and he is NOT somebody you want to be owing debts to; if you’re on the shit list of Grimoire Demon X, your life is interesting enough without getting debts to Lucifer incurred. (This is not to speak ill of him – quite the contrary, I love him dearly – but we’re not talking about some minor debt that can be resolved by giving someone a bottle of wine here.)  Lucifer MIGHT be more willing to help you if you have a very good longstanding relationship with him and particularly one that’s more familial in nature, but it’s the sort of thing where even then, going “DAD HALP” may be met with “you’re a big kid, handle your own shit” if you’re lucky.

All of that said, not every demon is under Lucifer’s authority. There are some demons that are not from his kingdom, in which case I’d still recommend beefing up wards and getting other non-demonic entities to help you.  There are also some entities that “feel” demonic but are more properly parts of other paradigms, like kelpies and the Mara.

If you’ve offended a god-tier entity – a few of the lore demons are what I would consider god-level entities by the way (including Lucifer) – like, just as a random example here, if you’ve offended Aphrodite… figure out what that entity likes as offerings, and give them an offering at least once a week for a month, humbly apologizing.  Now, they may tell you not to do this and just stay the fuck away from them, in which case, do that.  You *could* get another deity to either appease the wrath of whatever god-tier entity you’ve pissed off, or to just cover you, but you’ll wind up owing them favors too (even if this is your patron), so.

Aaaaaand, you may not be dealing with an entity at all.  You may be under magical attack – considering people on Tumblr will put each other in curse jars just for somebody arguing with them on the Internet, this is not as unlikely as you think.  As I’ve said above, if you’re properly warded and shielded people are not likely to be able to hit you, especially (sry guise) some 18 y/o who’s been practising all of nine months and only uses other people’s spells.  If something is getting through, you need to readjust your wards and shields even if “they were working fine”.  They’re not working fine if you’re under attack from something.

Or, you might not be dealing with anything supernatural.  Sometimes shit just happens and it doesn’t mean you’re on anybody’s shit list, it means life is life. Sometimes nightmares are just nightmares, especially if you’re stressed out – not every nightmare involving $WEIRD_PLACE and $ANGRY_WEIRD_OTHERPEOPLE means you’re being attacked.  Discernment is a very valuable skill to learn, and one of the reasons why I’m very pro keeping a private log of your work is not just so you can record rituals and journeys and suchlike for future reference, but also take inventory of things going on in your life, your mental state, if you’ve been eating properly, sleeping enough, etc.  Sometimes completely mundane shit happens to magical people and spirit-workers, and that disturbance in the Force is much more likely to be mundane in nature if you’re dealing with work stress, home or family stress, health problems, low blood sugar, dehydration, or whatever.


Final notes:

These are not the only techniques to banish entities.  A lot of times you may have to experiment – for example, you may be dealing with fae from some weird-ass fae group nobody’s ever heard of (hipster fae) that aren’t actually repelled by iron.  So much of magic is trial and error and having to figure shit out on your own.

Also, I take no responsibility for the misuse of this information.  If you want to fuck with an entity or you’re wrongfully antagonizing/combatting with them using any of these methods, that’s on you, not me.

Vanic Friday: Freya Invocation

Freya Vanadis, Lady of Golden Tears
We call to You now, across the gap of years
To stir Your heart and blood, may You ever be hailed
Lust Mistress, Battle Queen, Seiðkona enveiled
Syr and Gefn, Horn and Mardoll
Every face You show us is the fairest of all
Stirrer of strife, cut like a knife
Freya Vanadis, give to us of Your life

Excerpt from Visions of Vanaheim: Vanic Deity Correspondences

The following is a list of correspondences for specific deities counted as Vanir by modern Vanic pagans; the items on this list have been corroborated amongst a few who work with the Vanir.  These things can be gifted a deity and/or placed on their altar, or worn, or carried, etc.

Items marked with an asterisk * are dangerous or deadly and should be handled carefully, kept out of reach of children and pets, and never ingested.


Star Mother

  • Colors: black, silver, dark blue
  • Minerals: meteorite iron, moonstone, silver
  • Food: the heart organ, particularly a meal of hearts made from different kinds of food animals
  • Drink: Milk, water, jasmine tea
  • Incense/Oils: myrrh
  • Plants/Herbs: all night-blooming flowers* (datura and mandrake are poisonous)
  • Items: stars, planets, sky-discs
  • Deeds: teach a child about space, adopt a star, watch a meteor shower, sit out overnight (in a safe place) and meditate


Horn Father

  • Colors: black, dark greens, brown
  • Minerals: petrified wood, jet, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, flint, obsidian, green jasper
  • Food: game (particularly venison)
  • Drink: spring water
  • Incense/oils: musk, patchouli, dragon’s blood
  • Plants/herbs: aconite*, clove, sage, valerian
  • Items: antler, bone, fossils
  • Deeds: adopt a wild place and take care of it, be yourself free of expectations, nurture the wildness/innocence within, hunt an animal you would use for food



  • Colors: blue, green, brown
  • Minerals: labradorite, iolite, lodestone
  • Food: Fish (Atlantic cod, sole, haddock, flounder, plaise, eel, whiting, Pollock; native fish to Europe or your bioregion), fruit (particularly those in season during June/July), honey, exotic/traded spices
  • Drink: Fresh water, honey drinks, ale, cider, apple and orange juices
  • Incense/Oils: ambergris, pine, apple
  • Plants/herbs: horehound, elecampane
  • Items: compass, miniature/model ship, statue/artwork of a dog, stone/concerete altar with inscription, corncucopia, basketry
  • Deeds: build a concrete or stone altar with an inscription in her honor, care for a dog, clean up a roadway/highway



  • Colors: gold, red, black
  • Minerals: pyrite, mahogany obsidian, hematite
  • Food: red apple, pomegranate
  • Drink: red wine, aquavit, Goldschlager
  • Incense/oils: dragon’s blood
  • Plants/herbs: wormwood, belladonna*
  • Items: wand, sword, spear, magic books, feathers (especially swan feathers), gold coins or objects made of gold (especially jewelry)
  • Deeds: help an abuse victim, rescue animals, learn defensive magic or martial arts, mentor



  • Colors: white, blue, purple, black
  • Minerals: kyanite, jet, amethyst, onyx
  • Food: apple, elder/goose/black/raspberries, cakes and pies, herring, porridge, goose
  • Drink: milk, spring water, Black Haus, German beers/ales (artisan), elderberry juice/elderflower pressé
  • Incense/Oils: Myrrh, copal, rose, vetivert, musk
  • Plants/herbs: Cinquefoil, mandrake*, broom, vervain, flax, nettle, Monk’s Hood*
  • Items: miniature brooms (made the old way), textiles, sugar skulls
  • Deeds: clean your home, cook food, practice fiber arts, walk in the snow, make an ancestor altar, help an orphan, practice witchcraft



  • Colors: pale green, red, gold, brown, orange
  • Minerals: pearl, red tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, carnelian
  • Food: eggs, apples, pears, chicken, rabbit, edible flowers
  • Drink: milk, honey wine, apple juice or cider
  • Incense/oils: jasmine, vanilla, lilac
  • Plants/herbs: lilac, tulip, daffodil, lily of the valley, apple blossom (Idunna), poppies (Habondia)
  • Items: rabbits (statues/art), sunrises (pictures/art), flowers, cornucopia, basketry, wreaths
  • Deeds: plant or harvest a garden, feed others, make people smile, share resources, adopt/care for a rabbit, help the old feel young again


  • Colors: white, dark green, brown, black, earth tones
  • Minerals: obsidian, jet, jade, serpentine, gold, moss agate, chalcedony
  • Food: beef, pork, fish, duck or goose, bread, root vegetables, “bog” berries (cran, blue, bil, etc.), pomegranate
  • Drink: milk, spring water, stout, brandy, blood*
  • Incense: patchouli, frankincense, kyphi, sandalwood, musk, clove, water/forest blends
  • Plants/herbs: birch, mugwort, lavender, myrtle, cattails, reeds
  • Items: reed/rush/corn dolls, pottery, landscape art, cows
  • Deeds: clean up a natural place, set up a shrine/altar outdoors, donate to environmental causes, become a “nature” activist, protect the weak/less fortunate



  • Colors: blue, white, green, grey, gold
  • Minerals: ocean agate, ocean jasper, sodalite, amazonite, glass, petrified wood
  • Food: fish, seafood, biscuits, exotic/traded spices and delicacies
  • Drink: rum (particularly spiced)
  • Incense/oils: “ocean”, rain, lavender, pine, cedar
  • Plants/herbs: seaweed, salt-water reeds, driftwood
  • Items: fishing net, boathooks, miniature/model boats, starfish, shells, sea glass, stones smoothed by the sea
  • Deeds: help clean up the beach, play with dolphins, go fishing, teach a child about the ocean



  • Colors: gold, green
  • Minerals: citrine, jade
  • Food: bread, pork, goat, root vegetables, gourds, wheat berries
  • Drink: ale, beer, honey wine
  • Incense/oils: amber, sweetgrass
  • Plants/herbs: goldenrod, St John’s Wort, sunflower, wheat, rowan, corn
  • Items: flail & scythe; hair brush, comb (especially an ornate comb of bone or silver), veil, cauldron, fan
  • Deeds: help a farmer harvest his crop, connect with family/loved ones, learn divination or oracular work



  • Colors: white, blue
  • Minerals: howlite, flint
  • Food: game, all pickled foods
  • Drink: Jagermeister, brandy, scotch, vodka
  • Incense/oils: pine, spruce
  • Plants/herbs: evergreen needles
  • Items: wolves (statue/art), warm clothing (boots, gloves, etc.)
  • Deeds: hunt, learn about wild foods and forage, hike in the woods



  • Colors: black, green, brown
  • Minerals: jasper, obsidian, bloodstone
  • Food: game, all pickled foods
  • Drink: Jagermeister, brandy, scotch
  • Incense/oils: pine, musk
  • Plants/herbs: evergreen needles, yew*
  • Items: arrowheads, bones
  • Deeds: hunt, learn about wild foods and forage, hike in the woods, keep an oath


  • Colors: red, orange, grey
  • Minerals: iron, glass, ceramics, hematite
  • Food: anything beautifully put together
  • Drink: scotch
  • Incense/oils: dragon’s blood
  • Plants/herbs: Nettle, Elm
  • Items: art, handicrafts, anvil/hammer, constructed wings (especially if wrought from gold, or golden in color)
  • Deeds: make something, learn blacksmithing, overcome a near-insurmountable obstacle



  • Colors: white, grey, beige
  • Minerals: fluorite, clear quartz
  • Food: fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Drink: spring water, milk, white wine
  • Incense/oils: myrrh, bergamot, mint, eucalyptus*
  • Plants/herbs: marshmallow, any herb that can be used for healing
  • Items: mortar and pestle
  • Deeds: care for a sick person, learn herbalism/energy healing, watch own health



  • Colors: burgundy, eggplant, dark green, brown, black
  • Minerals: amethyst, garnet, obsidian
  • Food: She will eat whatever Frey eats.
  • Drink: She will drink whatever Frey is given, though she has a preference for vodka.
  • Incense/oils: lavender, chamomile, mint, rosemary
  • Plants/herbs: lavender, mugwort, vervain, catnip, mint, ivy
  • Items: cat statues, stones
  • Deeds: grow an herb garden, reduce the amount of words you use in a day and listen more, spend time with oneself



  • Colors: gold, green, brown
  • Minerals: amber, bloodstone, citrine, smithsonite, moqui marbles, agate, horn
  • Food: pork, root vegetables, bread, cherries
  • Drink: ale, honey wine, Goldschlager, metheglin (herbed mead), cider
  • Incense/Oils: amber, patchouli, musk
  • Plants/herbs: lemon verbena, cinnamon, sunflower
  • Items: gold coins, boar and horse figurines, an oath ring, phallic symbols, greenery, a sword
  • Deeds: plant a tree and/or garden and tend to it, spend time outdoors in nature, spend time with animals, compost, recycle



  • Colors: gold, red, green, purple
  • Minerals: amber, bloodstone, jade, lapidolite, moonstone, pearls, rose quartz
  • Food: strawberries, peaches, chocolate, fish, pork, pastries, edible flowers
  • Drink: chocolate liqueur, honey wine, cognac, punch/lemonade, rose hip tea
  • Incense/Oils: rose, jasmine, orange blossom
  • Plants/herbs: rose, violets, hemp, saffron, catnip
  • Items: necklace, amber, cat statues
  • Deeds: spend time with cats, help cats in some way, teach magic




  • Colors: green, yellow, orange, lavender
  • Minerals: citrine, moss agate
  • Food: fruit and vegetables (especially that which you have grown yourself, or grows in your locale), pies, bread, pork, fish
  • Drink: melomels (fruit mead), wine, lemonade or other fruit drinks
  • Incense/Oils: lemongrass, orange blossom
  • Plants/herbs: orange blossom, apple blossom, cherry blossom
  • Items: tree branches
  • Deeds: plant trees, brew mead, bake bread, do something kind for one’s elders


The Lord of the Black

  • Colors: Black, purple, white, silver
  • Minerals: obsidian, onyx, jet, black kyanite, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, blue tiger’s eye, bone
  • Food: dark chocolate, bread, sea salt, raw meat and/or the blood, the eyes of a butchered/hunted animal
  • Drink: wine, water
  • Incense/Oils: dragon’s blood, frankincense, “opium”
  • Plants/herbs: tobacco, sage, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh
  • Items: raven or crow feathers, corvids (statue/art), skulls, bones, urns, glass vials filled with curious objects, quill pen and ink
  • Deeds: honor ancestors, remember the dead, visit hospices


The Fair Bright Queen

  • Colors: White, silver, indigo, plum
  • Minerals: selenite, moonstone, pearls, aquamarine
  • Food: sweets, pastries, fruit
  • Drink: mead, buttered rum, vodka + juice
  • Incense/Oils: lavender, violet, rose, copal
  • Plants/herbs: oak trees, white or deep purple roses, lavender, lilies, violets, lilacs, magnolias
  • Items: keys, ceramic pottery, chalices and cups, beautiful glass objects, hats, scarves, jewelry
  • Deeds: make art, express love for loved ones, queer/trans activism, gardening, communing with nature, personal growth/healing (especially rejecting the conformity of society and becoming more yourself)


The Lord of Plenty

  • Colors: green, gold, red
  • Minerals: amber, peridot, emerald, orange calcite, labradorite, citrine
  • Food: bacon, cheese, lamb, venison, fish, root vegetables, grain
  • Drink: Scotch whisky is preferred, mead is acceptable
  • Incense/Oils: sandalwood, vanilla, sage, juniper
  • Plants/herbs: ash trees, holly, heather, thistle, juniper, cinnamon, clove, grain crops, vegetables especially phallic-shaped (e.g. zucchini)
  • Items: swords, knives, gold coins or gold objects, ornate chests for holding precious things, lamps and lanterns, torcs, crowns, dragons (statue/art), bells
  • Deeds: gardening, taking care of family (by blood or by choice), martial arts, standing up for what you believe in, hard work (especially to help friends or loved ones with a task)


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Patheos Pagan Climate Change Series


Worth a read if you have the time.  As a Vanatruar, the health of the Earth – which includes its climate – is important to me, and these posts are a challenge to think about giving more than just lip service to this sentiment.


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