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I now have ~1450 subscribers to my blog, having gained some new readers over the last couple months when I began to make some more informative posts.  Every now and again I like to make a little introduction post for the benefit of new (or newer) readers – the last time I did one of these was in December, and a fair bit has happened since then.

So. Hi, I’m Nornoriel, this is my blog.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  • -Nornoriel is not my actual name.  Nornoriel Lokason is a pen name that I use which also helps me “code-shift” into Pagan Mode in Pagan spaces.  As far as what the hell Nornoriel means or what the hell language is that, when I was an active member of a Druid order in 2010 it was common to take a Druid name and most people took Welsh names; not being especially Celtic-oriented, I decided to take a Quenya name to nod at the work I did with elves, and decided on “Nornoriel” which is Quenya for “oak-crowned” or “oak-garlanded” (as Druids have a thing with oak trees).  It stuck, and I appended “Lokason” to pay honor to my Dad, Loki, as well as send a clear message to Nokeans (as in, the virulently anti-Loki brand of Heathen) that you won’t like me and it’ll be mutual.  Pretty much everyone who reads my blog calls me Nono.
  • -As you might infer from the above, I’m Pagan.  Specifically, I am a weird mishmash of Vanatru, Lokean, and Luciferian, but those words may mean something different to me than how you would use them.  I am Lokean in the sense that Loki is my father and I am very close to him (and am a lot like him, in both good and bad ways).  I am Vanatru in the sense that I had a past incarnation in Vanaheim and still have ties there and Work on behalf of the Vanir, but I would not define my relationship with them as one of worship unless we’re talking about elf cock – I am connected culturally to Vanaheim and have working relationships with various Vanic elves (I am married to two of them who I refer to here as “Clarence” and “Jarod”, who are secondary partners), and bring the magick of Vanaheim into this world.  I am Luciferian in the sense that Lucifer is my adopted father and he and I share some values and ethics and life philosophies; I am very firmly and unrepentantly on the Left Hand Path.  In addition to this I am a dedicant of Asmodai, the Judge, a demon of wrath and justice, and as of March 2015 I am married to another lore demon who I refer to as D on this blog (first letter of his personal name, not his lore name) who in addition to being the great love of my life has helped me with a lot of things including getting my shit together financially (there are jokes about D being my demonic sugar daddy).  So my spirituality has a few different influences on it that combine in a rather interesting way.
  • -I am a full-time spirit-worker, having Jobs in the Otherworld that serve the gods (or more technically, Vanaheim and Lucifer’s realm), as well as some services I render this side of the fence to humanity such as being a public informational resource and providing divinations and “godphoning” (channeling) and consultations, and as a Maker I create objects which help people to better connect with their gods, or have various magickal or energetical purposes.  I keep an Etsy shop with said items (mostly jewelry, but have gotten into making incense, candles, perfume oils, and portable shrines), which has become very successful.
  • -I’m 35.  I have been Pagan since 1995.  I have a background in magick, which includes Ceremonial Magick – I feel the need to make the disclaimer that I do not currently practice CM, despite my involvement with the infernals; these days I primarily do a combination of seiðr and rune magick, with occasional witchcraft spells, and the aforementioned Making, and if I had to give myself some sort of title (like witch, cunning man, etc) I’d go with seiðman (ergi and all).  I also do a fair amount of magick with [D’s title] as my working partner for added oomph.
  • -I was born in Connecticut and spent the first 26 years of my life there; in 2006 I moved to southern California.  In July 2013 I moved to Portland, Oregon, and in January 2014 moved to a semi-rural area within the Portland metro area wherein I became a literal mountain hermit till I moved back to Connecticut in December 2014.  I absolutely hated living in California, and while I loved the land of Oregon, my experiences there have soured me on visiting the west coast again.  Moreover, New England is where I belong, though I may not stay permanently in Connecticut (but considering I moved something like four times in less than two years, I’m quite done with moving for awhile).
  • -While I married D in March 2015, I am not exactly a new godspouse.  Years ago I went by Svartesol in the Pagan community and was married to Frey from 2004 to 2010 and was a rather outspoken dedicant of Frey.  I burned out and Frey let me go for my own mental health.  Frey and I remain close friends.  But just so everyone is aware of this, I was a godspouse during a time when there were very few of us and the phenomenon was much less accepted than it is now (which is not to say that it’s completely accepted as a legit thing in polytheism), so I have a fair bit of experience on being married to a non-corporeal entity and its challenges as well as its joys (though nothing could really prepare me for D, which is a very unique experience).
  • -I am a trans man – I was assigned female at birth, knew I was a boy from the time I was 2 or 3, and after many many many years of dysphoria and struggle and pain (which included a few suicide attempts), I finally came out as trans in early 2014, and live full-time as male.  He/him/his pronouns.
  • -I am a gay man.  I have been known to make the very occasional exception, but very occasional enough that I am uncomfortable identifying as bisexual (it’s like a 90/10 split).  (Note that this only applies to my sexual orientation and I am not into policing other people’s identities, nor do I care to have my own policed.)  I am a very stereotypical gay man in a lot of ways, I enjoy shopping, I have a strong sense of style, I’m flamboyant, and I’m very good at being “the gay best friend”. However, my domesticity only extends so far – while I’m quite good at cooking, I absolutely LOATHE to cook and bake, and don’t like talking too much about the subject (my mom once asked me what my favorite cooking show was and my response was “…Breaking Bad“).
  • -I’ve had a bit of a rough life, which I talk about here from time to time – things have gotten dramatically better just over the last twelve months, but I have been in some very dark places.  I have PTSD for which I am medicated, and a few other disabilities (as well as some chronic health conditions such as celiac disease and arthritis).  I was on disability pension until my Etsy shop began to provide me with enough income that I had to transition off.  I am still disabled, however, and I have my Etsy shop in part because my disabilities are such that require me to work at home and keep my own schedule.  On a good day I still experience chronic pain and fatigue and deal with moderate anxiety.  Despite my verbosity on my blog, I am very, very, very bad at making small talk due to a combination of social anxiety as well as having brain fog from medication, so if you try to chat me up via e-mail and you find that I am not always very chatty, it is not at all personal.
  • -I take my Work seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously, and I have a very irreverent sense of humor.  I am the son of a god who tied his balls to a goat for the lulz and got mpreg by a horse, so there’s only so much I can demonstrate in the way of “piety”.  However at no time should this be confused with disrespect.  My patron is a wrath demon, for fuck’s sake.  I love my spirit-family and I have made a tremendous amount of sacrifices for them, including a cross-country move and the very painful burning of some bridges.  I don’t often talk about the serious side of my practice because the Mysteries are really not for public consumption, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and that everything is a joke to me.  It very much is not.  But I don’t believe that being All Super Serious All The Time to show how “pious” I am is a very healthy attitude to have – I tried that for a few years and it wound up creating more than a few problems for me.
  • -While my entire life is bound up in spirits and the Otherworlds and the Work, I try to maintain some degree of “normalcy” in my life.  I am a big fan of Game of Thrones, Vikings, Lost, South Park, and Breaking Bad.  I like Harry Potter and the LOTR/Hobbit franchise.  I like to go thrifting,  I like to go out for coffee.  I play a mean game of Cards Against Humanity.
  • -I have a tuxedo cat named Sheldon, who is approximately 9 years old.  I found him in September 2013, and he came with me on the big move from Oregon to Connecticut.  Sheldon literally saved my life.
  • -I’m snarky.  I rant.  I really fucking like to fucking swear.
my hero

my hero

As far as the blog goes.  On this blog you will see educational posts about various topics including astral work and working with spirits, as well as the occasional personal anecdotes involving my life with spirits, as well as daily promo posts of various items currently for sale at my Etsy shop. Yes, daily.  When this blog was younger, I was very, very self-conscious about doing Etsy promo here, and I finally had to get over it because my shop isn’t going to promote itself, and the way I see it is, I give out a tremendous amount of information for free, and I spend a LOT of time answering questions, writing posts that answer questions, and so on… so considering that my Etsy shop provides me with a livelihood so I can continue providing this service of information (I would NOT be able to maintain my blogging/writing schedule if I were in any other line of work and the challenges I have with energy and mental bandwidth even on good days), I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to be making promotion posts here.  Not to mention the fact that I talk about my spirituality here, and art is a huge part of my spirituality – the crafty things I make is part of my Work, and I would do it even if I didn’t need the money (and in fact used to do it as a hobbyist for years, before it became an actual career).  I also have heard that I’ve inspired a few people to get into beading, which is good – creativity is a huge part of my own spirituality, it is sacred work, and I find it therapeutic as well (one of the few activities that slows my brain down).

As of late my posts of non-Etsy-spam have gotten very comment-heavy, which is good as I encourage discussion.  The comments on my blog can be as equally informative as my posts.  Here are but a few things you can learn from the blog comments:

  • 1. If you think you have been mercifully spared from knowing TMI about such-and-such deity, someone here in the audience most likely knows TMI about this deity.
    • 1a. If you are the child of a deity, someone here CERTAINLY knows brain-scarring TMI about your parent, and quite possibly participates in the production of this TMI.
    • 1b. You can turn this into a drinking game: Every time someone mentions TMI about a god, take a drink. WARNING: You will get liver failure within a month.
    • 1c. Rule 34 applies to the gods.  (I may have contributed to some of it.  *cough Voices of Vanaheim cough*)
  • 2. Hell is the mafia, complete with the wearing of suits, the love of Frank Sinatra, and nobody being able to understand what the fuck Lucifer is saying when he’s had a few.

  • 3. Hell runs on caffeine.
  • 4. Lucifuge can be used as a verb.
  • 5. Thor is about as much of a troll as Loki.
  • 6. Somehow everything winds up turning into Loki and horses.
    • 6a. See #1
  • 7. Anything can be turned into a euphemism, such as “eating Tim’s Bits” from Tim Hortons.
    • 7a. See #1
  • 8. Don’t try to figure out non-corporeal family trees or you will tie your brain in knots.
    • 8a. Mmm, bondage
    • 8b. See #1



Anubis Devotional Necklace

Another new item in my Etsy shop!

Anubis Devotional Necklace: A pewter pendant of the Egyptian god Anubis (Anpu) on a strand of hypersthene 6mm rounds and black onyx 8mm rounds with Tibetan silver spacers. Simple and elegant, yet a potent statement of devotion.

In addition to black being a color associated with Anubis, the choice of stones used in this necklace was very deliberate. Hypersthene is a rare (and very expensive) stone with a beautiful chatoyancy that is hard to photograph properly but has been described as “black velvet”, and is one of my absolute favorite stones; hypersthene is a stone of calming and grounding, and can help facilitate dreamwork and psychic development. Onyx is a stone of protection. Together, these stones can help Anubis guide you through the storms of life, through cycles of death and rebirth, transformation, and bring a deeper connection to him and his mysteries.

The necklace measures approximately 19 1/2″ circumference and is strung on sturdy monofilament with an easy-to-use lobster claw clasp; the pendant is just under 1 1/2″ long.

The necklace is $150. I am always happy to reserve items on hold as well as set up layaway plans – for example six payments of $25 or ten payments of $15; message me and I’ll work something out with you.

I also do custom necklaces, prayer beads, incense and candles if you’d like me to make something for Anubis (or another deity) for you.

Happy birthday, blog

On May 24th, 2014, I started The Serpent’s Labyrinth here on WordPress.

This is not my first go-round with WordPress – I maintained a blog on WordPress entitled Vanic Thoughts (under the name Svartesol, and before I came out as trans) from 2008-2009 and continued on Weebly for a few months in 2010, and then retired from the public Internet for a few years due to burnout, resurfacing on Tumblr in fall 2013.  I decided to make the jump from Tumblr to WordPress due to a combination of burnout from drama on Tumblr, and wanting to be able to reach a wider audience in the interest of self-promotion, as I was preparing for the re-release of Visions of Vanaheim and stocking my Etsy shop.  This, itself, was in the interest of self-preservation – I knew I had to move by or before the turn of the year, I didn’t have a whole lot of money to move with (I was living on exactly $100/mo after paying rent and had about six months to get my shit together and security deposits average a minimum of $1000 where I was looking, usually much more), so I figured even getting a little bit of extra money via book sales and Etsy would help grease the wheels a bit.

And a lot has changed in a year.

  • A year ago I was living in Oregon; I am back in Connecticut, where I spent the first 26 years of my life.  While I fell in love with the land of Oregon and still miss places like Cannon Beach and Powells, I belong in New England.  The nine years I spent on the west coast kind of screwed up my energy and my body clock, and being in New England again has hit a reset button in my brain and my energy.
  • A year ago I was living below the poverty line, on disability and food stamps, living in perpetual fear of my disability being taken away because some bureaucrat decided I wasn’t “disabled enough”, had a very close brush with homelessness in 2013 and was looking at the very real possibility of winding up homeless in 2015; I am now completely self-sufficient on the revenue I make from my Etsy shop via my handcrafted goods and spiritual services, where I can not only pay rent and bills (including food) from what I earn in a month, but am also saving money for the first time in my life and have realistic plans of buying a house in a few years.
  • A year ago I was severely isolated, as I was living in a semi-rural area on a mountain and didn’t drive and the nearest bus stop was too far to walk to, and I had to depend on other people to drive me around (which in my last few months there, meant a couple friends coming down from Vancouver WA, or me taking a cab into town, and I was otherwise stuck at home all the time and went a bit crazy from being cooped up and socially isolated).  A year later I am a lot more mobile and can get to most of where I need to go by foot or bus, occasional taxi use (which means in nicer weather I am frequently not home during the day).
  • A year ago I wasn’t expecting to do anywhere near the kind of business I’m doing now – I had been taught by family, well-meaning friends, and society that “you can’t make a living from art”, and trying to do artsy things full-time would mean living in poverty.  I have proved all of them beyond wrong.
  • A year ago I didn’t think that people would be willing to pay what something was actually worth, and when I started selling things on Etsy I very much undercharged, oftentimes less than the cost of the supplies to make something, until D got on my case and made me raise my prices to what things were actually worth, and rather than hurting my business, sales improved dramatically.
  • A year ago I was afraid of talking about various subjects for different reasons, and have since opened up about things like astral children and to my pleasant surprise, found there are more people with similar experiences out there than I thought, and a lot of us had been shamed into not talking about these facets of our spiritual lives.
  • A year ago I was a lot more sensitive to criticism, gossip and snark and more ready to argue with people on the Internet, and have since developed the attitude that people talking shit about me is literally beneath my notice, I am far too busy to give a shit about people who have nothing better to do with their time.
  • A year ago the idea of ever living with my mother again was a non-option, after many many many years of having a dysfunctional relationship with her (she was the reason why I moved to the west coast [otherwise I would have just done a long-distance relationship with my ex] and stayed there for nine years through all the shit I went through out there, and I was prepared to be homeless or live in a shitty SRO before I’d deal with her again).  My mother and I have since reconciled.  She has apologized to me for stuff she’s said and done, and has been actively working on making things better; she supports my gender transition, and she even identifies as Pagan, these days.
  • A year ago D and I were engaged, and I didn’t mention it to anyone because I had been given an “oracle” (in the dick quotes) that if I married D and had kids with him while I was still incarnate – if I even mentioned to anyone that he and I were engaged and planning on marrying – I would go insane and turn abusive.  Happily, it was determined via other divinations that this had been one manipulation in a series of manipulations, and D and I have tied the knot as of March 2015 and are ridiculously happy.  (Aaaand the person who gave me the “oracle” did me quite the favor because I learned an important lesson about discernment and trust, and this has made me a better reader as I am very conscious of ethical issues and will actually turn down jobs if I think I am too close to a situation to give an unbiased reading [or stop reading for a client altogether, as I stopped reading for my stepson].)
  • A year ago I identified primarily as a writer and secondarily as an artisan, and this has since reversed.  Writing books for me is at this point going to be a sometimes thing, as (putting it bluntly) writing doesn’t exactly pay the bills, I make at least 10 times more revenue per month from Etsy than I do from book sales.  (I actually don’t consider myself very good at writing at all, I do it because I have a Job to do, and I’m honestly surprised that my books have sold as many copies as they have and that my blog has as many subscribers as it does.  I am my own biggest critic of my work.)  There will be at least a couple more books in my future – there will be a Voices of Vanaheim 2 released sometime in 2016.  But my first love has always been art, and that gets most of my time.
  • A year ago I lived with much more fear and anxiety, living in chronic fear of the other shoe dropping because it had dropped so many times (and was about to drop a couple more times; my last couple months in Oregon were very not fun).  Medication has helped a bit (I started an antidepressant in March 2014, and an anti-anxiety med in May 2014), but D has also proved again and again to me that he’s looking out for me, and I’ve relaxed a bit because I trust him, and is the first time in my life when I have ever truly trusted in a deity all the way.

On that note – while I am still very much a work in progress, I have grown a lot over the last twelve months and become a person that I am proud of, and that I think my younger selves would also be proud of.  I am doing what I always wanted to do with my life – craft and serve – and am making real money from it.  I found the love of my life, who happens to be non-corporeal but is otherwise all that I’ve wanted and more.  I have real peace and happiness for the first time in the 35 years I’ve been alive, and I hope it will continue.

The Serpent’s Labyrinth isn’t just a vehicle for me to have an audience and direct traffic to my store to make money, but is the record of one man’s journey, shedding skin, navigating complicated paths, to the center, the heart.  This blog is a way for me to demonstrate that the Powers are real – They matter, and we matter to Them.  You are not alone, out there.  Everything is not hopeless bullshit.  If I rose from the ashes, facing insurmountable obstacles, broken and wounded as I was, you can too.  When you find your way – where you are supposed to be, as an individual, in your own unique individual relationships with the Powers, NOT emulating what others are doing, NOT listening to what Big Name Pagans think is “proper” and “pious” but doesn’t actually work for everyone in reality, but learning your own rhythms with the Powers, just as you would a relationship with other people – everything else falls into place, given time.  If there is one thing you take away from my blog, it is take care of the gods, and They will take care of you.  It doesn’t guarantee you’ll never struggle again, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll have everything you ever want in life, it doesn’t mean perfection, and things may sometimes get worse before they get better, wyrd clearing away the detritus to prepare for new growth.  But things have a way of working out, getting better little by little.

When people let me know that reading this blog has helped them, that is like gold to me. It is worth it for me to put myself out there and potentially get hate, for the people who can be helped by what I am willing to reveal of my personal experiences.

And not just for the people who can be helped, but because it helps the gods, too.  “Religion” comes from the Latin religio, or “re-linking” – building bridges between worlds, re-weaving ancient bonds and creating new ones.  When we connect with Them, and appreciate and love Them, it feeds Their souls, too, and They need that.

A year from now, I hope to go even farther, and I hope that you all will come along, and we’ll have lots more things to talk about as we discover wyrd and the power of the gods, together.

Bast Devotional Necklace

Brand new in my Etsy shop!

Bast Devotional Necklace: A pewter pendant of the Egyptian goddess Bastet on a strand of lapis lazuli, amethyst, blue-and-violet “peacock” titanium quartz and Czech fire-polish crystal rondelles, with Tibetan silver spacers. Simple and elegant, yet a potent statement of devotion to the Lady of the Cats.

The necklace measures approximately 21″ circumference and is strung on sturdy monofilament with an easy-to-use lobster claw clasp; the pendant is just under 1 1/2″ long.

The necklace is $125. I am always happy to reserve items on hold as well as set up layaway plans – for example five payments of $25 or ten payments of $12.50; message me and I’ll work something out with you.

I also have incense available in my shop for Bast made with essential oils of catnip, frankincense and myrrh.

Finally, I take commissions for custom work including necklaces, prayer beads, candles and incense if you’d like me to make something for Bast, or another deity.


This past week I wound up having to rearrange my room.  When I first moved back to Connecticut I didn’t have a huge amount of stuff, but over the last almost-six months my room has been overrun by crafting supplies and shop inventory which necessitated dramatically rearranging my furniture.  I was prepared to make do with less altar space, but mercifully, I was able to keep my two most important shrines up.

I have also acquired some new altar bling since the last time I posted altar pics, so I figured it was a good time to show off the latest version of the shrine spaces.


Here’s Asmodai’s shrine:


And a closeup:


Items that have been there for awhile include a framed photomanip I did of Asmodai, a plaque I made, a phoenix necklace and ritual cord by FiberWytch, two cents (for his endless opinions and unsolicited advice), three orange calcites, stones from Cannon Beach, and a piece of driftwood from Cannon Beach that is an anchor to my astral weapon.  (Also fun story: after I acquired the driftwood and got in the car to go home I had to fit the driftwood between my legs in order to climb into the car, and there was the “hurr hurr” commentary about “getting in with a piece of wood between my legs”, so it’s now on Asmodai’s altar to trololololo, in addition to it being an anchor to a weapon that I have because of him.  [Asmodai likes knowing TMI about me about as much as I like knowing TMI about him, which is to say, not really, but we both know way too much.])  There’s a bowl that contains yellow rose petals he gave me (via someone else), and yellow roses and rose petals that I gave him.

New items include an actual iron trident (which I hung prayer beads off of), and a little pewter statue I found completely by accident where I was like “omfg it’s Dai” (which is AMAZING because I normally can’t find imagery that’s anywhere near appropriate for how I see “Big Red Snape”, as a friend calls him).  It was right down to his damn nose and everything.

Yes, Asmodai has a Grumpy Cat on his altar.  Deal.


Then we have the shrine space for D-and-myself.


The plaque in the center was done by my friend Sable Aradia, and the inking included dragon’s blood (which I could smell when I unwrapped it, very nice touch, D and I both have A Thing with dragons and dragon’s blood). The symbol is a sigil that I started doodling when I was 15 and is sort of a personal signature of mine (that’s dramatically oversimplifying it but I’ll just leave it at that for now).  The plaque sits on top of a magick box which D and I half-jokingly refer to as “the Hail Satan Network Fund”.

D’s space is on the left with his trinket box (which I got at a Goodwill in Oregon for two bucks; I offered to get him a nicer box since my lot in life has improved but he’s fond of it and it reminds us of where I came from, and my willingness to give when I didn’t have much), a red crystal pyramid, and the sgian dubh and sterling silver torc I gifted him prior to our wedding.  On the far left is the googly-eyed snail that he commandeered from me because it reminds him of me.  :P  (And calls it his “NootNoot snail” because his pet name for me is NootNoot [for Nono], or one of his pet names, anyway.)  He likes Florida Water, so there’s a bottle of that.  He has a glass of the last of his Hennessy (need to get a new bottle).

On my side is a selenite wand that I refer to as my “boomstick”, a purple crystal ball that sits on top of a glass box, a couple of necklaces (one is a turtle necklace Beth made that I wear periodically, and the necklace with the bones on it is a piece I made for Vanic ritual use which is an anchor to a necklace I have in the astral, and need to photograph at some point), and some miscellany. Ritual cords from Beth (two of which were commissioned, one for [D’s title] and the center one for our handfasting) are also on the altar.  (D’s cord is rarely on the altar, I wear it fairly often, it’s like a security blanket.)

I made a shitload of incense recently just for D (not shop inventory, but personal use) which was to very specific specifications of his and smells AMAZING, so a stick of that is burning in the picture.

My altars are clean and happy, and my room is much more functionally organized, which has been a boon in my work (now I can find stuff much more easily and I have a larger work space).  :)


Another brand new item in my Etsy shop:

J’Adore: A lovely pewter filigree heart pendant on a strand of a dozen red resin carved rose beads, with AB-finish matte black Czech glass beads, tiny faceted garnet gemstone beads, and Tibetan silver filigree beads and spacers. Would be a lovely token of devotion for a godspouse or a gift for a mortal beloved.

The necklace measures approximately 18″ and the pendant is approximately 1″; the necklace is strung on sturdy monofilament with an easy-to-use lobster claw clasp.

The necklace is $125. I am always happy to reserve items on hold as well as set up layaway plans – for example five payments of $25 or ten payments of $12.50; message me and I’ll work something out with you.

I also have a perfume oil in my shop by the same name: J’Adore is a blend of rose otto, rose geranium, amyris, and benzoin styrax essential oils in an olive oil base.  $20 for a 1-dram bottle.  I can personally attest to it being a bit of an aphrodisiac, perfect for setting the mood for lovin’!

I also take commissions for custom work including necklaces.

A list of deities connected with prosperity

Per a comment thread discussion I had with someone in the audience, I decided to compile a list of deities who could be asked for help with financial matters of varying kinds.

Also a few obligatory disclaimers:

  • For all intents and purposes, I am defining demons as deities in this list.
  • There is a school of thought in polytheism that it is always wrong to ask the Powers for help and that the Powers are only to be worshipped.  I disagree with this, and it should be noted that it was fairly common in ancient times to make offerings when you needed help with something and if you had a patron They were usually connected to your livelihood in some way.  I do take exception to the idea of expecting something for nothing.  It may happen that you run into the odd Person who decides They don’t actually want something from you and will do it from the goodness of Their heart, but this is rare.  So in the interest of reciprocity I have included some suggested offerings for the entities in the list.  I also do not claim that these are the only offerings that can be given to said deities.
  • Also please note that these are not the only deities connected with prosperity, there are more than what I’ve listed here (so if you know of Someone who isn’t in this post, please feel free to make a mention in the comments).

Without further ado:


  • Pantheon: Vanir
  • Connection to prosperity: Fertile land, crops and animals, noted to be a “giver of goods and gear”.  One of his epithets is “God of the World”, which I see as helping us to enjoy the goodness of being alive and the goodness of the world.  Frey’s prosperity is stability, comfort, and happiness, not necessarily profuse riches.
  • Suggested offerings: Green and gold candles, herbal-smelling incense.  Jewelry made with amber, antler, green stones, gold or bronze.  Mead, ale.  Bread, honey, pork, stews.  Gold coins.


  • Pantheon: Vanir
  • Connection to prosperity: Had sex with four dwarves for a beautiful enchanted necklace.  May be the same entity as Gefion who allowed four men to “plow” her in exchange for plowing land.  Can help with being able to pay for things, as well as helping you to find a sense of self-worth and what you’re really worth (good for working with if you have issues surrounding money and not allowing yourself to spend when you need it).  Can help with luxury items, beautifying one’s life.
  • Suggested offerings: Gold, pink and red candles, floral-smelling incense.  Chocolate, strawberries, peaches, pastries and sweets.  Jewelry made with amber, red and/or green stones, anything with flash or chatoyancy, gold or bronze.  She adores jewelry as offerings.  Trinket boxes, decorative items like fans, china, glass ornaments.


  • Pantheon: Vanir
  • Connection to prosperity: A patron of fishers and merchants (those whose commerce involves trade with other lands).  A good prosperity deity for those who are self-employed, involved in buying-and-selling especially of goods.
  • Suggested offerings: Blue and silver candles, ocean-scented incense.  Fish, shellfish, root vegetables, fish chowders and stews.  Mead, ale.  Jewelry made with blue and/or green stones, labradorite, iolite, silver.  Gold coins.  Making something pretty out of seashells, sand dollars, driftwood (like a wreath or a wand or a box).


  • Pantheon: Has connections with the Aesir, Vanir, and Jotnar
  • Connection to prosperity: Was historically the patron of farmers and common people.  Blesses land, is a protector.  Can be called upon with help of getting out of a bad situation and finding comfort and stability.
  • Suggested offerings: Beer.  Mead.  Ale.  Whisky.  More beer.  More mead.  More ale.  More whisky.  Food, Thor likes food. Hammer jewelry, or an ornate hammer (there are artisans who can make hammers for ritual use).  Flashy stones like labradorite, nuummite, larvikite.  Did I mention beer?  More food.  Candles and incense are nice, especially if accompanied by beer, mead, and food.  Ram imagery.  More mead.  And something for dessert.


  • Pantheon: Norse
  • Connection to prosperity: Trickster luck – may be able to assist gambling (or may not).  Can help you get out of rough scrapes or use a crisis as an opportunity.  However be very, very, very careful with this.  Loki is also really good at the “unexpected blessing coming into your life at just the right time” thing (he gave me a cat), so he’s a good person to have on your side in general (but he doesn’t mix well with everyone, or every god, for that matter).
  • Suggested offerings: Oh lord.  Loki really likes candles and incense (fire).  He likes soda and sweets and pastries as well as alcohol.  Loki likes various ethnic cuisines a lot (he loves him some Eritrean food).  Loki likes jewelry and flamboyant decor. He likes glitter.  My advice is to ask him what he wants, because he will tell something different to just about everyone to ensure he gets a wide variety of stuff.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: Punishes thieves, can bring back stolen goods.  Can help “discover treasure” (can be broadly defined as resources for making money, guiding a person to where the money is).  Punishes “wicked people” and can detect dishonest dealings.
  • Suggested offerings: Blue and grey candles, various woods incense.  Wine.  Gold and silver coins.  Silver jewelry.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: Said to bring abundance, can help with finding “hidden treasure” or in robbery, and is said to be not evil but of a good nature, and also very beautiful to look upon.  One of the higher-ranking demons, a Prince of Hell.
  • Suggested offerings: As with Andromalius.  Also fond of horse imagery, especially winged horses.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: Possesses the abilities of locating lost or hidden treasures, educating, and making a person into a warrior.  He can also cause a person to “cross rivers and seas quickly”, and can be invoked for safe travels.
  • Suggested offerings: As with Andromalius but prefers red, black, gold, and/or violet.  Also fond of weaponry, such as daggers.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: A patron of gamblers.  (Investing, or starting a business, can be seen as a form of gambling.)
  • Suggested offerings: Red and gold candles, incense (dragon’s blood, frankincense, cedarwood are preferred).  Gold coins, gold, bronze or copper jewelry, gemstones (carnelian, obsidian, garnet, and amber are his favorite).  Wine. Good tea.  Bacon.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: Can lead to “hidden treasures” (including resources or ideas on making money).  UPG: enjoys luxury items (like jewelry) and will bless businesses involving the sale of said goods.
  • Suggested offerings: Red, gold and brown candles, spicy-sweet incense (cassia) or white florals (jasmine).  Gold and silver coins, jewelry involving gold, bronze, or copper and red, black, and/or earth-tone stones.  Wine.  Good tea. Chocolate.  Pretty ornaments and trinkets, especially made of gemstones or sparkly glass.  Likes stars, and flower gardens.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: Not explicitly connected with wealth, however he makes one “cunning in all arts”, restores lost dignities and honors, and teaches the art of gracious living – he can help a person get back on their feet and teach them some sort of trade (or help them learn a trade) and how to manage money and keep it (as well as keep the favor of others, such as customers).
  • Suggested offerings: Black, red, violet and/or silver candles, incense of woods, musk, spice, or floral (or some combination thereof).  Gold and silver coins, gold or silver jewelry with red, violet and/or black stones.  Wine.  Good tea.  Trinket boxes, crystal and china, dragon imagery/statuary.  Likes labyrinth imagery a lot.  Likes clove cigarettes.


  • Pantheon: Infernal
  • Connection to prosperity: Knows of hidden things, can find treasure (can help you make/find money), can tell things past present and future (good advice-giver especially on business matters).  High-ranking demon.
  • Suggested offerings: Red, violet and/or green candles, incense of woods or spice.  Gold and silver coins.  Expensive jewelry, especially with amethyst or garnet.  Wine.  Good tea.  Weapons like daggers, imagery of lions (or cats), snakes, bears, or dragons.  Also fond of labyrinth imagery, and likes ornate chalices/goblets.


  • Pantheon: Hellenic
  • Connection to prosperity: A patron of merchants and those who deal in communications (including authors).
  • Suggested offerings: Blue, orange, and/or silver candles.  Herbal or woodsy incense.  Silver coins.  Silver jewelry.  Malachite, lapis, labradorite.  Wine.  Ouzo.  Poetry or song, especially in his honor.


  • Pantheon: Celtic
  • Connection to prosperity: “The good god”, has a cauldron which is never empty.
  • Suggested offerings: Pretty much anything you would give to Thor, Dagda would also like, though substitute “hammer” with “club” (or “cauldron”).  Dagda also likes gold jewelry and statuary.  Poetry or song in his honor.


  • Pantheon: Hindu
  • Connection to prosperity: A wealth and prosperity goddess.
  • Suggested offerings: It is suggested that you do puja to her; more information on how to do puja can be found here. She likes floral incense, pretty jewelry and pretty trinkets, if keeping an altar to her.