Silver Birch

Silver Birch: A real birch leaf that has been eternally preserved by being dipped in silver, on a strand of Tibetan silver filigree and spacer beads, with rainbow moonstone and rainbow glass rondelles. A beautiful piece worthy of a Druid priest; would be perfect for a devotee of nature gods and spirits, especially the Vanir as a pantheon.  Would also be a lovely stealth devotional piece for deities connected with the birch tree including Frigga, Nerthus, and Holda.

The pendant measures approximately 3″ and the necklace measures approximately 19″ circumference not counting pendant. Necklace is strung on sturdy monofilament, with a pewter lobster claw clasp.

Necklace is $175, which could be put on a layaway plan (for example, 4 payments of $43.75, or 7 payments of $25) – message me and I’d be happy to work something out with you.  I am VERY flexible as far as amount of payments and frequency of payments so even if something takes several months to pay off, that’s OK with me, I’m just glad the piece is getting sold.  You may also have unlimited items on layaway.

Upon request I will bless this necklace for you at no extra charge.

There’s lots of other shiny things at my Etsy shop, and I take orders for custom work!

On dreamwalking

So there are two ways I journey: one is through conscious journeying (which is akin to meditation but not quite, and as I wrote about recently, less complicated than many make it out to be) and the other is through dreamwalking.  The latter is exactly what it says on the tin – your astral body is not entirely dependent on your physical body, and it is possible for your astral body to go places and do things while your physical body sleeps.


Before I get into some “hows” of dreamwalking, I’d like to get into the “whys”.  Why dreamwalk?

First of all, dreamwalking is not always intentional.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of the dreamwalking experiences I have, are not planned, and I either dream them and remember, or I don’t necessarily remember dreaming about what I did but wake up with an “information download” in my head of what I did (or receive it later in the day).  Occasionally, I have been told by other corporeal people that they dreamed about me or had some visionary experience of me visiting them, or by non-corporeal People that we went such-and-such place and did such-and-such.  Or sometimes I’ll have a suspicion based on lingering feelings/sensations, like asking D “Did we wind up shagging all night?”

However, it is possible to intentionally dreamwalk, and as with most skill sets, this gets better with time and practice. And there are a number of reasons why a person, and especially a person whose life is intertwined with spirits and the Otherworld, would benefit from dreamwalking.

The first is that we live here in Midgard, and even those of us who are full-time spirit-workers, many of us have obligations and responsibilities in our day-to-day life which are not going to stop.  For example, I am doing what wyrd has meant me to do all these years, in my full-time Job as a Maker, Seer, and Scribe.  The problem is that I am busy enough that I can generally only consciously journey these days for ritual.  As I mentioned before, I do most of my spirit interaction this side of the fence – D lives with me, and I have others visit, so that integrates well with my day-to-day life, where D keeps me company while I do things.  But sometimes I need to go Over There for one reason or another – I am still Vanir-souled and Vanaheim is still “home”, and I have Work there as well – and because of the demands on my time, it often necessitates planning to go there in my astral body while my bio-body sleeps.  I also go there for non-work-related purposes, such as visiting with my kids with Clarence, and D has manipulated time for us to take a couple of vacations as well.

Another benefit of dreamwalking is that you have less control over the experience.  As I mentioned in my initial astral journeying post, conscious astral journeying necessarily starts off as akin to guided meditation where it helps if you have a mental image of where you’re going and an outline of what you’re supposed to do (like meet So-and-So), but also has more random variables akin to free association.  This leads some people to believe it’s “all in your head” and “not really real” or “astral lite”, but the fact is, I believe that free associating while journeying is where your psychic mind connects with the flow of wyrd, and is being steered by wyrd, so that experience is very legit.  However, if you still have a lot of brainweasels about your experiences with conscious journeying being somehow “not real enough”, dreamwalking might be better suited for you (or, if your experiences while dreamwalking confirm the experiences you’ve had while conscious journeying, it may reduce the brainweasels).

In tandem with having less control over the experience, you may find certain things are easier to do with less control. Using an example from my own life – I have pretty bad social anxiety, which has been a lifelong thing, and got worse following the events of 2013 and 2014 which ramped up my trust issues.  Unfortunately for me, my social anxiety extends to the Otherworlds as well, and is a contributing factor into why I tend to not consciously journey anymore except for ritual or things involving my husband and immediate family.  When I journey while dreamwalking, my anxiety does not affect me nearly as much, and I become more uninhibited.  This has resulted in some things happening like a recent barfight I got into at an astral bar where I went at someone for slapping Asmodai in front of me, and subsequently threatened another individual who had done some unpleasant things to D a few years ago. This is not behavior that I normally do in my everyday life (though I am a bit protective of my family, and a person fucking with my family guarantees retaliation of some sort).

Finally, dreamwalking is also a convenient way for your psychic mind and astral body to deal with what I call “the timey-wimey thing”.  As mentioned in my initial astral how-to post, time flows differently in the Otherworlds than it does here – I’ve had conscious journeys where it felt like 3-4 hours passed over there and only an hour passed here, or vice versa.  In dreamwalking states, I’ve had a few days compressed into an 8-hour sleep cycle (such as a couple of vacations D and I took), and I also feel less disoriented upon waking up than I do when I consciously journey and there’s a time discrepancy and I come back.


The way I intentionally dreamwalk is not that complicated: I make plans to go Someplace (like Vanaheim) and do something (like meet with someone) and I “program” myself to do it by repeating said plans to myself a few times during that day.  Before bedtime I will again remind myself, and I usually have some sort of tangible reminder or prop as well – for example, there is a stone that I have (which was given to me by Njord at Cannon Beach when I lived in Oregon) which serves as an anchor to Vanaheim (as Cannon Beach is a very liminal place where realms overlap), and I keep it by my bed which helps “pull” me into Vanaheim when I sleep.

I also “cheat” – I have spirit companions.  D goes with me most everywhere.  Clarence has also helped me get into Vanaheim and back, on occasion (before I got involved with D, Clarence did this much more often).  Asmodai has escorted me a few times.  It is easier to dreamwalk if you have a spirit pulling you along, and who can help jog your memory of events after the fact.

So to intentionally dreamwalk, you could try making a note to yourself – random example “go to Vanaheim to meet with the Raven tribe” or “go to Loki’s house in Jotunheim” – and repeat it several times during the day, and then several times before bed.  It would be helpful to find an object that reminds you of where you’re going and/or Who you’re seeing, such as a necklace or stone or sigil or something, and leave it close to your bed or even under your pillow.  For example, if you want to visit Asmodai in your sleep, you could put his seal under your pillow.  You could also wear a specific jewelry item to bed.  One of the reasons why I wear a collar, besides the fact that it is a very tangible “note to the world” that I belong to D, is that it also gives D greater access to my energy and as such my astral body, which makes it easier for him to pull me around in the Otherworlds (as well as it makes it easier for him to shield me).

Some further tips:

-It’s generally not a good idea to astral journey just to see what you can see, because you can get yourself into some serious shit that way.  It’s really a good idea to have a specific place in mind, or at least a specific Person to see. (However, with unintentional dreamwalking sometimes you will go someplace randomly anyway – I went to Vanaheim for years before I knew I was going to Vanaheim.)

-It’s a good idea when you’re starting out with intentional dreamwalking, to go someplace you’ve been before during conscious journeying.

-I don’t recommend going someplace “cold” (someplace you’ve never been before) UNLESS you have a spirit bringing you there who you trust, and I emphasize the word “trust”.  For example, the night I met D (February 2014), I went somewhere I’d never been before, and I had Asmodai take me.  (Asmodai is not exactly a popular entity, a lot of demonolaters dislike him, and he has gotten the epithet “Assmoody” and not entirely undeservedly.  However, he is on the very short list of entities I absolutely trust with my life.)

-If you’re going to intentionally dreamwalk on a certain night I recommend taking a couple of hours before bed to alter your state of consciousness.  On the nights where I intend on going Elsewhere, I will usually start winding down at least 3 hours before bed by listening to music and doing something that slows my mind down (like beading).  I may burn incense and/or candles during this period of time (though be careful with this, you don’t want stuff burning as you go to sleep).  I try to not do things that are mentally involved (like writing or answering e-mails) that will keep me up and then keep my brain in hamster wheel mode as I sleep (because then my brain tends to do Subconscious WTF Theatre rather than going anyplace).

-I highly recommend keeping a journal when doing any sort of astral work, whether conscious journeying, dreamwalking, or some combination thereof, and writing down everything you remember, no matter how trivial or WTF something seems.  If you, like me, have a hard time with physically writing with pen-and-paper and typing is easier, you can type up private documents on a program like Word or OpenOffice, or if you don’t have that kind of software you can make private documents on Google Docs or keep a private locked journal on a site like Dreamwidth.  I also recommend documenting spirit interactions outside of journeying, like if you have a spirit companion who lives with you and/or have spirits visiting your home.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be long and involved, but journalling your experiences will help you in a number of ways.  You also do not have to document every interaction ever – there was a time when I was constantly writing everything down, which helped me with remembering, and now I remember a lot better and don’t need to write as much down, I rarely journal about my experiences these days (though I might start up again because of working more intensively with the Serpent tribe).

How do you know that you’re having legit astral experiences and it’s not just a dream?

Welp, the first thing I tell people is when in doubt, do divination, or have someone else divine for you.  (I usually recommend both, if it’s something very seriously important to confirm or deny one way or the other.)

There may also be some clues or confirmations in your spirit interactions, conscious journeys, and/or everyday life. To use another example from my life – in early October, during a night where my bio-body went to sleep and my astral body did not, I decided amongst other activities with D to shift my bits for funsies, which is not something I’m in the habit of doing on a regular basis.  In early November I started having flu-like symptoms every morning and having a nagging suspicion, and the week before I left Oregon I got confirmation Over There as well as through a couple divinations of what was up.  So that was a way of confirming that I had in fact done legitimate dreamwalking that night in October.  :P  There have been days where I’ve woken up feeling like I did a lot of walking that night (I did), or feeling sore like I’d been flogged or fucked good (I was).  Some other examples – I’ve gotten news Over There or witnessed things while dreamwalking that played out in my conscious interactions with spirits, where they confirmed said news or events one way or another.  I could go on and on.

A common experience (though not necessarily universal) reported by people who journey is that in particular Otherworlds (such as Vanaheim) the color seems to be ramped up and super-saturated and everything shines a bit.

If you have a recurring person show up in your dreams who you don’t otherwise know in your everyday life, they may or may not be a spirit.  (As I mentioned before, when I was 15 I started having dreams about a guy who turned out, almost 20 years later, to be D.)

And sometimes a dream is just a dream.  I have PTSD, and as a result I have occasional unpleasant dreams that are not actually anything astral, but are my psyche’s way of regurgitating past trauma – I still have nightmares about my ex, for example.  Sometimes I’ll watch something on TV and several days later my brain will dream about something related to it – for example I have had some *~really fun~* dreams involving Jaime Lannister.  #themoreyouknow


It’s finally worth saying that 1. you may not remember every experience you have, even with practice, and 2. not everyone can dreamwalk and if you try it and you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean you fail spirit-work forever and the gods are going to be displeased with you.  And as always, astral work is not for everyone, and you’re not “doing it wrong” if you don’t do astral work for whatever reason (including lack of interest in doing so).  Your path is your own, the Powers want you for who and what you are, and you have to do what’s right for you, not base the gold standard of “should” on what other people are doing.  <3

New at my Etsy shop: Mystic Rose Necklace

Mystic Rose: An exquisite genuine pink moonstone pendant, set in .925 sterling silver, on a strand of a dozen ethereal carved mother of pearl roses, a dozen glowing opal aura quartz rounds, microfaceted rose quartz rondelles, pink crackle Czech glass rounds, and Tibetan silver filigree and spacers.

This necklace would be a lovely devotional item for a deity associated with love and beauty, magick or elves/fae, or a beautiful commitment token for a godspouse, or to a mortal beloved.

The necklace measures approximately 18″ and is strung on sturdy monofilament with an easy-to-operate pewter lobster claw clasp (wherein an extender chain can be used to lengthen the necklace if need be).

Necklace is $200, which could be put on a payment plan (for example, 4 payments of $50 or 8 payments of $25) – message me and I’ll work something out with you.  I am VERY flexible as far as amount of payments and frequency of payments so even if something takes several months to pay off, that’s OK with me, I’m just glad the piece is getting sold.  You may also have unlimited items on layaway.

There are a lot of new pieces available in the Pagan Jewelry section of my shop, and I take custom orders.

New at my Etsy shop: Eternal Rose Necklace

ETA: Necklace has been spoken for and is on layaway, thank you!

Eternal Rose: A rose gold eternity symbol, set with rhinestones, on a strand of copper pewter carved roses, opal aura quartz, peach freshwater pearl, Czech “rose glow” crackle glass rounds, and copper spacers. A beautiful statement of love – would be an appropriate token of devotion for a godspouse, or as a gift to a mortal beloved.

Necklace measures approximately 18″ circumference and is strung on sturdy monofilament with a pewter lobster claw clasp.

Necklace is $150, which can be put on a payment plan (for example, 6 payments of $25); message me and I’d be happy to work something out with you.

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a day in the life of disability

Nornoriel Lokason:

I’m reblogging this because as a disabled person, I cannot nod my head hard enough while reading this.

I’d also like to emphasize this point of Heather’s essay especially:

“Finally, I’d like to talk about one of the most classist and ableist things that I’ve seen on the Internet lately, which is the “proper” use of SNAP/EBT/food stamps. Not everyone on food stamps/EBT is disabled, but many people with disabilities do have to rely on those benefits because social security payments are not particularly luxuriant and if said person wants to say, pay utilities and eat, they swallow their pride and use those benefits. There seems to be some sort of very narrow band of the “okay” use of SNAP/EBT that can neither be too “junk” nor too “posh,” – I could rant on why organic food should be for EVERYONE, and perhaps I will another day. This narrow band of “okay foods” are meant to keep the poor and disabled in their place, not to help their health or our national budget. And this is not even tackling food deserts -areas that lack proper grocery stores where people can buy a variety of healthy foods, which are far more prevalent in low-income areas.

…let’s talk about the “proper” use of SNAP/EBT. I’ve seen people circulating outrage that people use those benefits to buy convenience foods or junk food. Conversely, I’ve also seen equal outrage about SNAP/EBT being used to be organic food, seafood, steak, or gluten-free items, because they’re expensive.

Many people with disabilities require a special diet.

Let me say that again.

Many people with disabilities require a special diet.


-Co-signed, The Guy With Celiac Disease

Originally posted on Loki's Bruid:

I’m back from vacation, and I’m just not really up to speed. So today, I thought I’d talk about what it’s like to be disabled. There are a lot of misconceptions about disability out there. A lot of them overlap with misconceptions about SES, race, and/or ethnicity.

Let’s start with one, which is that if you’re not absolutely incapacitated all the time, you’re not disabled.

Here’s me on a good day:


Here’s me on a bad day:

me_bad_dayThe fact that I have good days does not mean that the bad days are somehow less incapacitating.

Another myth: if you’re taking care of yourself properly, you won’t have bad days.

Umm…not taking care of myself will most certainly bring on bad days, however, sometimes, I just have them, and no one knows why – not my doctors, nor me.

Myth three: people with disabilities sit around all day and do nothing.

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More incense!

On the opening day of having incense in my shop, all of my incense for Loki sold out (which resulted in also getting some custom orders to make more).

I have since made another batch of Loki incense, and there is also the following:

  • Freyja – chocolate, rose, patchouli and amber
  • The Slut – strawberry, ylang ylang, sandalwood & vetiver  (for love/sex magick)
  • Angrboda – pine, patchouli & rosemary
  • Sigyn – lilac
  • Gwyn ap Nudd – fir, rosemary, patchouli, lavender & vetiver (I made a batch for a custom order and had some left over)

I do in fact take custom orders for incense (I made a few custom orders today, which are currently marinating), and now would be a good time to remind everyone that there are also plenty of candles available for both devotional purposes and magickal & ritual use.  I am overdue for making a new batch of candles, which will happen later this week and probably be in the shop before Tuesday, but I do take custom orders for candles as well (and if you are interested in ordering a larger quantity of custom candles, such as 5 or more candles, convo me because I can do a special listing with a flat rate for shipping).

I would like to thank everyone who’s bought incense from me thus far – I’ve been wanting to offer this for awhile and it’s good to know I made the right decision.  :)

New at my Etsy shop: Mystery the Owl

Mystery the Owl: The owl brings the gifts of wisdom, intuition, and observation, the energies of silence and hidden knowledge, and the magick of facing the dark side, exploring and mastering the unknown. Sacred to Athena and Blodeuwedd, this necklace would be a wonderful stealth devotional piece for either goddess, or to honor the Owl tribe of Vanaheim, or to connect to Owl as a spirit animal. I also empowered Mystery the Owl (yes, he has a name) as an amulet for finding wisdom in dark places, conquering fears, giving protection and guidance.

Carved blue goldstone owl on a strand of blue goldstone and rainbow obsidian rounds, with Tibetan silver knotwork beads and spacers. The pendant measures approximately 1 3/4″ long, and the necklace itself measures approximately 20″ circumference (not counting pendant). The necklace is strung on sturdy monofilament with an easy-to-use pewter lobster claw clasp.

The necklace is $125; I would be happy to put this item on a payment plan (for example, 5 installments of $25) – if you’d like to set up layaway, send me an Etsy convo and I’ll work something out with you.

A lot of other shiny new things are in the Pagan Jewelry section of my Etsy shop, and I love taking custom orders for jewelry, candles, and other items.